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Tuesday Trivia: What are Spectacles?

It's Tuesday Trivia and today's dog trivia revolves around the term "spectacles." What do spectacles have to do with dogs? The last time we checked, dogs didn't wear eyeglasses! Well, it turns out the term spectacles is used to depict a certain type of facial marking that's present in a specific breed. So after answering this trivia question, make sure to scroll down to see which dog breed is notorious for boasting spectacles. So today's trivia question is:

What are dog spectacles?

A Markings that are over or around the dog's eyes or from the eyes to ears.

B Tan spots on the dog's cheeks and over the eyes

C Ridges that are formed above the dog's eyes

D White stripes that run at the center of the dog's face generally between the eyes.

The correct answer is:

Drum-roll please!

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The correct answer is A. According to the American Kennel Club glossary, spectacles are markings that are found over or around the dog's eyes and can go from the eyes to ears. Now, let's take a look at what dog breed is known for having spectacles.


Introducing The Keeshond's Spectacles

The keeshond is a breed of dog that features spectacles. According to the American Kennel Club breed standard "Expression is largely dependent on the distinctive characteristic called "spectacles" - a combination of markings and shadings in the orbital area which must include a delicate, dark line slanting from the outer corner of each eye toward the lower corner of each ear coupled with expressive eyebrows. "

The presence of spectacles in this dog breed has such a strong impact on its characteristic facial expression that the absence of dark lines which form the "spectacles" is considered a very serious fault.

So there you have it: a dog breed known for having spectacles. Keeshonds are attractive dogs who are affectionately nicknamed the smiling Dutchman and the Dutch Barge Dog.  While we won't see these dogs sporting fancy cat-eye frames, we must admit that these markings give these dogs quite an intriguing, classy look. Don't you think?

Did you know? Another dog breed known for sporting spectacles is the Finnish Lapphund.

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