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Safety Tips for Pet Travel


How to Travel with your Pet Safely

So you finally decided to take your leave and go on vacation. Yet, while you are happily thinking of the much deserved relaxation, your thoughts may be clouded by the worry of leaving your beloved pet at a boarding facility or in the hands of an unknown pet sitter.

Overcoming fear of men requires trust

As many, you may think about bringing your pet along but you may feel discouraged by other thoughts such as:

  • "Will my pet be stressed out?"
  • "Will my pet behave?"
  • "How will my pet react to being confined in a crate or small space?"
  • "What if my pet gets motion sick?"

Whether you are flying or driving cross country you want to focus primarily on your pet's safety and well being.

Make sure your pet has proof of vaccination and bring it always along.

If your are flying call the airline and find out about the rules and regulations. Most airlines require an exam done by a veterinarian 10 days prior departure. Also get informed about the size of the crate allowed in the cabin or in the cargo. Most airlines require IATA approved carriers.

Please consider that some pets get motion sick easily. If you are driving, get your pet used to your car weeks prior departure day.

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[adinserter block="4"]All you will need to do is limit the drive to around the block as a starting point and then increase the length of the trip gradually. What this does is it helps your pet get used to the movement of the car while conditioning him/her to traveling in it.

Always travel when your pet is on an empty stomach. The less food in the stomach the less likely the pet will vomit and also the less cleaning required!

Remember to always keep your cat in the crate and your dog buckled up with special restraining seat belts made especially for dogs.

Should you pet not do well regardless of the training, your vet may prescribe a tranquilizer. Please be aware of the fact that most veterinarians are reluctant to prescibe tranquilizers for pets that are flying.

The big day has finally arrived. You may be amazed at how easy everything turned out once you are back. Fido and Fur-ball may turn into great travel companions. And who knows perhaps one day your pet may even be able to join the Frequent Fido and Fur-ball Flying club. In the meanwhile, Bon voyage!

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