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Indoor Exercise For Dogs


Indoor Exercise For Dogs: while it is a well known fact that dogs require at a minimum a walk every day, there are times when this may not be possible. Whether there is a major snow storm, your driveway is under construction or you are sick with the flu, you must find a way to allow your rambunctious high energy dog to release some pent up energy.

Fortunately, there are some fun games you and your dog can engage in that will keep your dog mentally and physically drained.

Indoor Exercise For Dogs

1) Fetch

Dogs that have a high prey drive may love a good old game of fetch. This game is a great exercise for dogs,and owners may simply relax sitting on the couch. If your dog is good at returning the ball to you, this game can last a long time until your dog's tongue will be sticking out and your dog will be exhausted.

2) Fetch and seek

This is a variant to hide and seek and it can be fun for owners too! You basically throw a ball and as your dog goes to fetch it, you will hide. The dog will come looking for you so you can throw the ball again. Expect to giggle as you see your dog looking for you in the wrong places! Keep your breath, be quiet and try your best to stay serious!

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3) Where's the treat?

Have your dog sit nicely. Place three plastic cups in front of him. Place a treat under one cup and turn the cups around. Watch your dog's attention as he drools profusely waiting for his turn to look for the treat! Then allow him to search for the treat. He will knock them down until he finds the one or if he has a great attention span he will get it right the first time. This game will make your dog focus while keeping him mentally stimulated.

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Have the dog sit. Making sure he does not peek, go hide his favorite ball or toy somewhere. Then say"Where is the ball?". Your dog very likely will start looking for it. Start easy and then make it challenging. Your dog will have a blast!

5) Invest in a treadmill

Yes dogs can use thread mills too! Cesar Milan is a big fan of them as often dogs using thread mills are featured on his show. There are many dog thread mills on the market. Make sure you follow all the manufacturer's safety guidelines. Never allow a dog to use a thread mill right after eating, as this may cause bloat in deep chested breeds.

As seen, there are a multitude of ways to keep your dog entertained and exercised at home. Let's not forget: in order to be drained out, dogs need to be both physically and mentally exercised for best results. However, do not make indoor exercising a habit, dogs still require ample opportunities to explore the great outdoors, and walking is the best way to keep a dog happy, healthy, exercised and mentally stimulated!

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