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Home Remedies for Dogs Vomiting

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Mother nature provided dogs with a quite effective vomiting reflex; if you ever watched dogs barf after eating some grass, you may have already witnessed that. While dogs may vomit because they ate too much, went dumpster diving in your trash can or were fed a new food the stomach wasn't used to, it's also true that they may develop serious cases of vomiting.

So if you're looking for dog vomiting home remedies to treat your dog's upset stomach at home, please read the following article first: is your dog a good candidate for dog upset stomach home remedies? Here's a step by step step guide.


. Monitor for dehydration

limber tail in dog

Vomiting causes loss of fluids and the last thing you want to deal with is a sick dog and dehydration on top of that. If your dog is vomiting a lot, he may need to see your vet for fluids. Consider that young puppies and small dogs can get dehydrated very quickly. These dogs are better off seeing the vet.

Dehydration in dogs can be determined by looking at how elastic the skin appears to be. Try lifting up the skin over the back and shoulder blades. In a well-hydrated dog, it should spring back into place immediately. If you notice a delay, that's a dehydrated dog, and if it stays lifted, things are critical.

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Your dog's gums are also an indicator of dehydration. They should be slimy and wet and their capillary refill time should be less than 2 seconds. If they're dry and tacky or take more than 2 seconds to turn their normal color, you'll need to see the vet.

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. Fast your dog

When your dog vomits, the last thing his stomach wants is more work. To help him out, give his stomach a time-out, suggests Martin J. Fettman, a veterinarian and professor of pathology and clinical nutrition at Colorado State University. Generally, the fast should last for 24 hours, but 12 hours can work for puppies.

If you own a small puppy or a toy breed, consider that they may get low blood sugar levels if they're fasted for too long. Avoid fasting for longer than overnight. To prevent low glucose levels, you can try rubbing some plain pancake syrup on the gums every few hours, suggests Dr. Gabby. If your dog still vomits despite fasting, see your vet.

"To help keep her blood sugar up, during the 12 hour fast, you can rub pancake syrup, or karo syrup (for baking), on her gums every few hours."~Dr Gabby, veterinarian.

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dog is vomiting whit foam

Gulping too much water at once can cause more vomiting.

3. Give some ice

Many dogs won't be able to drink water when they're stomach is upset. If water makes your dog queasy, try offering some ice cubes or ice chips instead. Because your dog will lick them, there are better chances the water stays in the stomach.

On top of that, consider that many dogs love ice cubes. To prevent getting the tummy upset, try offering one every 15 minutes or so.

Once your dog has not vomited for 4 hours, you can try to give your dog a spoonful of water or some children's pedialyte which helps replenish electrolytes. If your dog vomits this up, you can wait a few more hours before trying again, further adds Dr. Gabby.

bland diet

4. Start a bland diet

After the 12 to 24 hour fast, the stomach should be ready again for food, but the food needs to be bland or your dog may get another bout of tummy upset. Many vets recommend boiled rice with boiled chicken without the skin and bones. Three parts rice to one part meat works best.

It's best to give small amounts about every 4 hours. If things look good, after a day you can feed more of the bland diet and less often. Feed this bland diet for 2 to 3 days.

5. Return to Normal Diet

dog bland diet

If your dog did fine on the bland diet, you can gradually return to his regular diet, but again, go slowly. Changing the food too fast can cause digestive problems again.

Replace about 1/4 of the bland diet with his regular food for about two days, then 1/2 for another two days and then finally feed his normal portion of food.

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So to recap, here is our infographic, please feel free to share with proper attribution and a link back to our site!

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