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Dog Breeds for Lazy Owners


So you are a couch potato but yet you love dogs. Dogs have a reputation of being active, of loving the outdoors and the image of a jogger with his dog beside you hits your mind.
A dog may sound a total mismatch for you, so you think to yourself that perhaps it is better sticking with a cat.

Before jumping to conclusions, think twice. As a matter of fact you may be surprised that there are dog breeds out there that can match or even beat your lazy lifestyle.

Dogs are active by nature, but there are some breeds that simply need less exercise than others.

Dog Breeds for Lazy Owners

A Dachshund for instance, will be happy enough to go for a daily walk and then get rid of its excess energy by just having you toss toys across the living room.
Actually, too much exercise may be discouraged, as this breed is prone to back and leg problems. Being two times longer than high, it has short legs and makes a perfect lap dog.
It is best suited therefore for all those couch potatoes out there and seniors.

- A Basset Hound would be another choice. Just look at it! His conformation suggests inactivity, and his face looks as it is saying:"I want to sleep all day!".
This peaceful breed though tends to overeat, so you must make sure he goes for a good daily walk otherwise he can become quickly overweight. Bassett Hounds were bred first place to be hunters, they used to chase rabbits so daily walks are recommended at the minimum.

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- A Chihuahua can be pretty active but due to its small size a few laps around your home will exhaust him quickly! It makes a good apartment dog and some people have even litter trained them but this may be a bit extreme.

[adinserter block="4"]- A Bulldog has had the reputation of being pretty sluggish. More than lazy they are pretty much a low energy level breed. However, it all depends on its level of boredom.
If properly stimulated they can be pretty active. It all depends on what you have to offer. If you are lazy very likely he will reflect your personality, if you are active very liley he wll be active.

All these breeds have a reputation of being lazy but keep in mind that there may be exceptions. I have heard of hyper Bulldogs and hyper Basset Hounds.

Please keep in mind that even though these breeds may not be as active as others they still require care and daily walks. There is no such thing as a dog that is too lazy to go outside and walk. A dog like this may be either senior or sick.

If you are looking for a pet that will not move about and require attention then you are better off with looking either for a cat or for a pretty stuffed animal to keep in display on your shelf (next to your couch!).

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