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Cat Stud Tail Home Remedies

Cat Stud Tail

Cats may sometimes develop a condition known as cat stud tail, medically referred to as tail gland hyperplasia or tail gland infection. Not all cats are prone to this, but some cats may sometimes develop hair loss and swelling of the supracaudal gland.

While some cats may need a course of antibiotics in severe cases, sometimes a mild case of cat stud tail can be treated at home using some special over-the-counter products. This article will provide some remedies for stud tails in cats.

Cat Stud Tail Home Remedies

The Cat's Supracaudal Gland

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The cats’s tail has a sebaceous gland that’s located on the top of the tail. Its presence is sometimes associated with coarse hairs. The exact function of this gland is not well known, but there are chances that it’s meant for social purposes. In some cats, this gland is more active than in others which can sometimes lead to problems. As the name implies, "stud tail" is more commonly found in intact male cats, but it can also occasionally be seen in neutered males and female cats.

Symptoms of Stud Tail in Cats

Tail gland hyperplasia, also known as stud tail, is the inflammation or infection of the cat's supracaudal gland, which is a modified sebaceous gland that secretes sebum, an oily substance. In some cats, this gland becomes overactive and secretes more oil predisposing to secondary bacterial infections. When a cat'’s supracaudal gland gets inflamed or infected, the area may look crusty and swollen, hence the term "hyperplasia," and the cat may lose hairs in the area. The hairs by the tail gland may emit an unpleasant smell and may also appear greasy or even matted. It's important to obtain a proper diagnosis by a vet before assuming a cat may have stud tail. Sometimes tumors may develop in the area.

Home Remedies for Cat Stud Tail

[adinserter block="4"]Before trying any home remedies for stud tail in cats, it's important finding out if it's really a case of stud tail. The cat'supper tail area is a common site for cat bite abscesses to occur as cats get bitten by other cats as they attempt to run away. These abscesses require prompt veterinary treatment with a broad spectrum antibiotic. And, as mentioned, sometimes tumors may arise in the cat's tail gland which warrants veterinary examination to rule this possibility out.

Mild cases of stud tail are generally mostly a cosmetic issue, but as mentioned, in some cases a secondary bacterial infection may set in. A first step to help a cat suffering from stud tail is clipping the area close to skin and then washing with an anti-seborrheic shampoo such as Douxo Spot at least until the area seems better, suggests veterinarian Dr John. Veterinarian Dr. Debra Primovic suggests using the degreasing shampoo twice daily. A medicated anti-seborrheic shampoo for cats containing benzoyl peroxide or sulfur-salicylic acid can also be helpful. In severe cases, oral antibiotics prescribed by a vet may be needed though. Neutering the cat may help prevent future occurrences considering that male hormones (called androgens) stimulate increased production of sebum.

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