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Cat Escaping

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Cat Escaping

Cats are explorers, they like to wander in unfamiliar terrain, perhaps to sniff for prey or simply nibble on some grass. The door leading to the outdoor world, therefore, may seem to them like a mysterious place that absolutely needs to be checked out, so do not be surprised when they eagerly their best to make it through the door as you open it to head out.

A cat escaping or trying to run out the door every time you open it, can be a very frustrating ordeal to deal with. You worry your cat will escape never to be found again, or you worry he will eventually make its way to that busy street risking to be ran over. The outdoors indeed can be a dangerous world for your kitty, too bad that our feline friends seem to do not understand the concept.

There are however, some basic techniques you can use to lessen the chances of your feline working its way out. You want to work on making the outdoors less interesting or even unpleasant, while making the indoors a safe and fun haven for your feline friend. This can be accomplished easily by making a one time trip to your favorite pet store. Here are some basic guidelines for your feline explorer:

Cat Escaping

How to Make the Indoors More Attractive

1. Get a cat tree

Cats love to climb. Not only, they also love to be on high spots and be the king of the world. Seeing the world from the above, gives our feline friends a sense of superiority that has no equals. By investing in a cat tree, your cat may gain back that sense of freedom he gets when he is outdoors climbing on your favorite oak tree.

2. Get plenty of toys

Invest in lots of furry plush mice your cat can stalk and carry in its mouth like if it was the real one. Balls, feathers, stuffed animals: your favorite pet store surely will carry a large array of toys for felines. Just make sure they are safe and there are no risks of swallowing small pieces or pieces of string.

3. Catnip

[adinserter block="4"] While very young kittens may appear to not be interested in catnip, older kitties will love it. Nothing feels better than getting a little bit "high" for your kitty for a little bit. Watch him roll and purr in it. Catnip also can help relax nervous kitties. So get your kitty some catnip, he will certainly thank you!

4. Grass

Many pet stores carry some special grass cats simply love. I had cats that wanted to go out just to graze on the green grass. Grass is very tempting to cats and it also helps to keep hairballs at bay. Cats crave greenies every now and then, and by keeping some grass on hand your cat's cravings will be satisfied.

5. Feliway

If you have a high strung cat or one that gets nervous or easily agitated, invest in some Feliway. Feliway is a product you plug in. It contains pheromeones which are hormones that make cats relax. These hormones are those that cats release when they rub themselves on stuff to claim as theirs.

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How to Make the Outdoors less Attractive

Now that your indoor home is attractive, you want to work on making the outdoors unattractive. To do so, you can follow the following guidelines:

1. Use water

Keep some water in a spray can near your exit. As soon as kitty approaches, spray him with the water. While this may seem cruel, it really is not if you think that after all, all you are trying to do is keep your kitty safe.

2. Record a dog barking

You can record a dog barking and play it every time your cat approaches the outdoor door. Cats have a natural avversion for dogs so hopefully acknowleding the fact that a big bully dog is outside waiting for a cat meal, will discourage the outings.

3. Shake a can of coins

[adinserter block="7"] Keep a can with coins near the exit and shake it vigourously as your cat approaches. The noise will be loud and will discourage even the most adventurous explorer.

4. Distract

When your cat is near the exit toss a ball the opposite way. Hopefully he will chase the ball, allowing you to buy time to get out without him escaping.

5. Buy a scat mat

A scat mat is often used to keep cats off counters but it can also be used to discourage cats from getting out. Place it near the exit, upon walking on it your cat will get a small harmless shock that will scare him off.

Hopefully all the above will discourage your explorer from wanting to take a stroll outside.The big real secret is to keep your cat well entertained and exercised. A tired kitty is a well behaved kitty. Best of luck!

*Disclaimer: All remedies suggested are not to be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice. If your pet is sick please refer to your veterinarian for a hands on examination. If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist.

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