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My Dog Was Bleeding From the Mouth and Died

If your dog was bleeding from the mouth and died, you may be wondering what could have happened to cause such a fatality. An important question perhaps is this: was your dog bleeding from the mouth before dying or did the bleeding from the mouth occur after death?

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Can Dogs Hear Lower Frequencies than Humans?

Whether dogs can hear lower frequencies than humans is an important question than can help us better understand our canine companions. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana discusses how dogs hear, describing into detail the frequencies dogs can detect so to determine whether some sounds can turn annoying to a dog's ears.

The Dangers Of Prong Collars In Dogs

Vet Explains The Dangers Of Prong Collars In Dogs

The dangers of prong collars in dogs is something that needs to be considered. Most devoted dog parents cringe at the sight of the cruel and barbaric prong collars. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares the dangers of prong collars in dogs, especially when used incorrectly.


How to Breed German Shepherd Dogs

If you're wondering how to breed German shepherd dogs, kudos to you for seeking information. Breeding German shepherd dogs requires knowledge, professionalism and ethics. It therefore encompasses more than just letting a stud dog meet a female dog in heat and then waiting for the birth of puppies 63 days later.

Health Problems in Chocolate Labradors

Ask the Vet: Health Problems in Chocolate Labradors

Health problems in chocolate Labradors is a concerning issue that has more and more dog breeders and dog owners concerned. In this article, veterinarian Dr. Ivana Crnec discusses health problems in chocolate Labradors and why this coat color is particularly vulnerable.