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Dog Chewing

Prevent Rehearsal of Problematic Behaviors in Your Dog

Rehearsal of problematic behavior in dogs is a phenomenon that is important to be aware of. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect, and therefore, the more your dog gets to rehearse a problematic behavior, the more it puts roots and establishes.


12 Ways to Help Your Dog Feel Safe

There are several ways to help your dog feel safe, but to implement them, you will need to get into your dog's mind and perceive the world from his perspective. Despite many years of domestication, many dogs are prone to not readily trust people, even if they are well-fed and have caring owners.

dog quick release collar

How to Prevent Dog Collar Strangulation

Dog collar strangulation may sound like something close to impossible, but it happens more often than thought. Indeed, More and more doggy day cares are changing their policies on the use of collars and there are fortunately some safer alternatives to regular collars to help prevent the chance for dog collar strangulation.

Ivan Pavlov by M.Nesterov (1930) Public domain

The Use of Classical Conditioning in Dog Training

The use of classical conditioning in dog training is not old news. Many years ago, Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov discovered a new concept that is widely used by many psychologists and dog trainers today. Discover more about the use of classical conditioning in dog training.


Tips for Calling Multiple Dogs

Calling multiple dogs may seem like a challenge, but dogs are capable of discriminating their names if you take some time in training them. It goes without saying that if you want to succeed, you will have to dedicate each dog some individual time before calling them in a group setting. In some cases, it may be easier to just stick to a cue that tells the dogs to all rush together when called.

Using Treats in Dog Training

Is it Good to Train Dogs With Treats?

Whether it is good to train dogs with treats is a question that often pops up among dog owners. You may have heard people frowning upon the practices of using dog treats for training, and then you may find others who are deeply enamored with this practice. The truth is, it is not only good to train dogs with treats, but it is most cases actually recommended.


Why Do Dogs Run Away When Called?

Many dogs run away when called almost as if they are allergic to hearing their name or perceive a recall as a fun game. Why is that? And most of all, what be done about this behavior? Discover why your dog runs away when you call him and some effective strategies to reduce this behavior.

Rothound dogs

What is a Rothound?

A rothound is a type of dog you may have never heard about before. Yet, this dog deserves some special recognition considering the important roles he plays. Discover more about rothounds and their fascinating, specialized work that keeps the world from rotting.

running dog

Seven Tips on Naming Your Dog

These seven tips on naming your dog will help you build a strong relationship with your companion knowing that your dog will perceive his name as music for his ears! Discover some simple rules to follow you ensure your dog's name is perfect!


Tips on Training a Dog to Get Off the Bed or Furniture

Training a dog to get off the bed or furniture is important. The wrong approach may only make matters worse and may also trigger defensive aggression. Fortunately, there are force-free ways for training a dog to get off the bed or furniture that have little to no risks for "side effects. "

Most Difficult Dog Breeds to Potty Train

Myths on the Most Difficult Dog Breeds to Potty Train

Lists of the most difficult dog breeds to potty train are often compiled and spread on the web, but is there any truth to them? Should you really avoid getting a puppy of specific breed in fear of it being impossible to potty train? Turns out, as many other things found on the web, you'll need to consider several factors.

training dogs

Dog Training Guarantees, Not as Good as Thought

Dog training guarantees may sound like a good thing, but offering guarantees is unethical, discover why.

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Dog Word of the Day: Capturing

Capturing in dog training is a method that dog owners can use to obtain desirable behaviors from their dogs. In dog training, there are many different ways to "get dog behaviors" and capturing can be very effective, especially with shy dogs who need some extra space.

clicker in dog training

Do You Always Have to Use a Clicker in Dog Training?

Whether you have to always use a clicker in dog training may be something you have wondered about. Perhaps you are tired of carrying a clicker on you all the time, and are hoping to find a way to reduce its use. The good news is that, once your dog has mastered the behavior at a fluent level, you can ditch that clicker.


Applying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Dog Training

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs in dog training is something that can help ameliorate your relationship with your dog. All dogs have basic needs that need met. Meeting these needs is important if you want to succeed in your training.