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Using Treats in Dog Training

Is it Good to Train Dogs With Treats?

Whether it is good to train dogs with treats is a question that often pops up among dog owners. You may have heard people frowning upon the practices of using dog treats for training, and then you may find others who are deeply enamored with this practice. The truth is, it is not only good to train dogs with treats, but it is most cases actually recommended.


Why Do Dogs Run Away When Called?

Many dogs run away when called almost as if they are allergic to hearing their name or perceive a recall as a fun game. Why is that? And most of all, what be done about this behavior? Discover why your dog runs away when you call him and some effective strategies to reduce this behavior.


Tips on Training a Dog to Get Off the Bed or Furniture

Training a dog to get off the bed or furniture is important. The wrong approach may only make matters worse and may also trigger defensive aggression. Fortunately, there are force-free ways for training a dog to get off the bed or furniture that have little to no risks for "side effects. "