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Why Is My Dog Scared When I Cook Lamb?

If your dog is scared when you cook lamb, rest assured you are not alone! Countless dog owners report this peculiar behavior, but why do dogs react so strongly when you cook lamb?

As an owner of a dog who developed a phobia of the smell of lamb meat cooking, I have come with some possible explanations.

1) Lamb meat is very fat. When you cook lamb, this often requires very high temperatures. When you are cooking lamb meat therefore there is lots of fat draining leading to some strong sizzling sounds.

2) Fat in lamb meat is prone to smoking. Many dogs instinctively react to smoke, which is why we have so many stories of heroic dogs alerting their owners about smoke to the point of saving them from potentially deadly fires.

3) A matter of negative associations. Perhaps your smoke alarms are activated when you cook lamb meat or perhaps your dog has seen you rush to open doors and windows to let the smoke out.

Attentive dogs may pick up on your emotions and may respond to your sense of urgency with anxiety.

If your dog acts scared when you're cooking lamb meat, refer to this article below.