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If you are looking for ways to remove dog urine smell from carpets, it's important that you follow a precise procedure. 

Using the wrong products may only temporarily mask the smell or may even prompt your puppy to pee there over and over, setting him back in the potty training process. 

In this article, you'll discover:

  • Urine cleaning products to avoid like the plague
  • Products that will have your carpets thanking you
  • My favorite dog urine cleaner
  • How to hunt down old urine stains like a pro
  • How to help your puppy succeed in potty training 

1) Avoid These  Products

When it comes to removing dog urine smell from a carpet, it is paramount using the correct products. 

You want to avoid using these products like the plague:

  • Ammonia-based products 
  • Regular carpet cleaning products 

The problem with ammonia-based products is that ammonia is one of the components of urine so it does not eliminate the smell for the dog.

Indeed, if use use an ammonia-based product, from your dog's perspective, the carpet will smell like urine, which will cause your puppy to want to pee there more and more because it smells like a "bathroom!"

Same with regular carpet cleaners. These are not built to totally remove odors, but only mask them. These will leave urine-smell residue which your dog will smell, and the smell of residual urine will again prompt your dog to pee there more and more because... you got it! The area will keep on smelling like a bathroom! 

2) Invest In This Type of Product Instead

As you have likely understood by now, dogs are prone to urinating over and over in areas that smell like pee either because they have retained residual pee smell from their past accidents, or because you have used an ammonia-based product which smells like urine. 

Indeed, one trick of the trade to teach a dog where to pee is to dab a tissue with the dog's pee and smear it on a pee pad. Your puppy will be drawn to use the area because, once again, it smells like bathroom!

So in order to help your puppy or dog to succeed in potty training, it's fundamental to use a product that will remove any lingering smells. 

Introducing dog urine odor neutralizers. There are several products on the market nowadays that are meant to neutralize odors, but not all are created equally. 

3) My Favorite Urine Neutralizer 

Despite the vast array of odor neutralizers on the market, I remain faithful to the original Nature's Miracle brand. 

This product is tough on dog urine stains and removing that yellow, sticky residue that adheres to carpets.

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Since, it's an odor neutralizer, this product contains special bacteria that produce enzymes that eat up odors when it comes in contact with urine. 

To effectively remove the stain and odor follow these easy steps: 

  1. Wipe and blot the soiled area using a paper towel.
  2. Next, soak the area with the product ensuring it's saturated. 
  3. Allow the product to work for 10 minutes, then blot up stain with a clean cloth.
  4. Soak the area once again with the product. 
  5. Leave the treated area wet and allow it to air dry. Odors will fade away as the  product dries. Keep your dog away from the area.
  6. For severe or old odors on carpets, wet a towel with water and lay it over the treated area for 1 to 2 hours. 

3) Hunt For Old Pee Accidents Like a Pro

In order to help your puppy succeed in potty training, it's important to therefore clean up messes entirely using an odor neutralizer, but what about messes on the carpet that you may have missed?

Sure, you can use your nose and eyes to search for them, but it's not that easy. You may miss spots, but rest assured, your dog's almighty nose will find them! 

Yet, this doesn't mean you're doomed for failure. Introducing a tool that will help you become the best pee investigator on earth: a black light!

A blacklight is a marvelous tool that you can purchase online or from a home supply store and will show old urine stains in ways you have never seen before. 

Simply, turn off all lights in the room, and direct the black light's beam on the carpet in a systematic matter. Any old urine spots will glow in the dark!

Now, outline these spots with the help of chalk and then use your odor neutralizer to remove them. Then, test the areas again with your blacklight, to ensure you got them all. 

Praise ad reward your dog for peeing outdoors

Praise ad reward your dog for peeing outdoors

5) Tips to Help Your Puppy Succeed in Potty Training 

Successfully potty training your puppy take time, commitment and determination. Here are some general tips. 

Are you actively supervising? Failure in doing so means you're missing important opportunities to train. Make sure that you have a clear view of your puppy at all times. Remove bulky objects that block your view of what your puppy is doing. 

Are you praising and rewarding your puppy with a tasty right after going potty outdoors? Behaviors that are rewarded tend to strengthen and repeat. That's the power of positive reinforcement!

Are you ensuring your dog enters the home with an empty bladder/bowel? If you don't, your puppy will go potty the moment he comes in.

Are you punishing your puppy when he has accidents? Doing so will only make the process more difficult as this just teaches your puppy to secretly go in area out of your sight.

Is your puppy peeing when he greets you or when you scold him? You might be dealing with a case of excitement or submissive urination.

Does your puppy have a substrate preference? Acknowledging this can make things easier.

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