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My Puppy Broke its Teeth Playing Tug!

If your puppy broke its teeth playing tug, you are likely concerned. The biggest question at this point would be: did your puppy break a baby tooth or was it a permanent one? The ultimate answer depends on what age your puppy is. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares information about what to do if your puppy broke its teeth playing tug.

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Why Does My Puppy Stop On Walks?

If your puppy stops on walks, refusing to budge, you may need to do some troubleshooting to sort out what may be exactly going on. Puppies don't stop walking for no rhyme nor reason. They have their own good reasons to refuse to walk, and contrary to what you may think, being stubborn is likely not one of them.


Why Do Puppies Bite Your Toes?

Puppies bite your toes for a simple reason: they are fun to play with! This is of course the short answer to this question. For a more in-depth answer, keeping reading for more info on why puppies are so obsessed about biting feet and toes and what you can do about it.


Why Do 8-Week-Old Puppies Cry?

When 8-week old puppies cry, new puppy owners are often worried because they're not sure what the puppy needs and what the whole fussing is about. In most cases, 8-week old puppies aren't crying because they're spoiled or playing attention-seeking games. Puppies this young are often anxious in their new homes and miss their mom and littermates.

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Do Puppies Outgrow Motion Sickness? Here's What Research Says

Whether puppies outgrow motion sickness is something many puppy owners may wonder about. Nobody likes cleaning messes in the car, and even if your pup doesn't manage to vomit, feeling nauseous can surely put a dent in his appreciation of car rides. It's not unusual indeed for dogs to start getting anxious about going in the car because they have associated it with the unpleasant sensation.


Littermate Syndrome: Risks With Getting Two Puppies at Once

If you're getting two puppies at once from the same litter, you'll need to be aware of littermate syndrome, also referred to as "sibling syndrome" or sibling rivalry. As tempting as it can be to bring home two adorable puppies, there are certain implications to consider at a rational level before giving in to your impulse and listening to your heart.


How to Stop Your Puppy From Eating Grass

To stop your puppy from eating grass, you sometimes need to be creative. Sure, training your puppy has its place in reducing the grass-eating behavior, but to successfully tackle this problem it often helps to strategically address it from a variety of angles.


Do Puppy Leg Bones Break Easily?

Puppy leg bones break easily sometimes and this is because puppies are not as resilient as we may have thought. Fortunately though, most fracture cases in puppies can be prevented so as the saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares signs of fractures in puppies and the types of fractures they may sustain.


Why Do Puppies Pee in Their Crates?

When puppies pee in their crates, puppy owners are often confused. Aren't crates meant to help puppies hold their pee? This is true to some extent, but it takes time for puppies to learn to hold it, and if they're left in their crates for too long, they'll just have to empty those bladders. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares reasons why puppies pee in their crates.


Ask the Vet: What Does Parvo Poop Look Like and Smell Like?

Owners of puppies may wonder what does parvo poop look like and smell like. This is likely because, when their puppy has diarrhea, their first concern is whether it may be parvo. Parvo indeed, does produce a typical parvo smell. Veterinarian Dr. Sara Ochoa shares details about what parvo poop looks like and smells like.


Why Do Puppies Chase Their Tails?

Puppies chase their tails for a simple reason: they are fun to chase. This of course, is the short answer to the question. The longer answer entails discovering how puppies think and how sometimes tail-chasing in puppies may be triggered by underlying medical conditions. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares causes of tail-chasing behaviors in puppies.

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Ask the Vet: How to Help Teething Puppies

It comes natural to want to help teething puppies get relief from the discomfort associated with sore gums. Just like babies, puppies suffer when teething which can make them cranky and eager to mouth and chew things in hopes of getting relief. Fortunately, there are several remedies you can offer from the comfort of your home.


Ask the Vet: My Puppy's Bottom is Sticking Out

When a puppy's bottom is sticking out, you know for a fact that something must be wrong. It doesn't take having an anatomy degree to understand that something must be really wrong. Although a puppy's bottom protruding may look like a minor problem, it's best to see the vet sooner than later. Left untreated, rectal prolapse in puppies may lead to complications.


Why Do Puppies Cry The First Night?

Puppies cry the first night because going to a new home is stressful. It is therefore important understanding what is going on in the puppy's mind and taking preventive steps to make the process as stress-free as possible. Fortunately, as the new puppy owner, there are several steps you can take to help your puppy adapt so to reduce the chances of your puppy crying through the night.


Why Do Puppies Sleep in a Pile?

Puppies sleep in a pile for many good reasons. If have seen puppies sleep in a pile as if they were one, unique mound of fur, you may have found this behavior interesting and it may have piqued your curiosity. Turns out, the behavior of puppies sleeping in piles has several adaptive benefits which have helped up the chances for survival.


Why Do Puppies Act Scared of Their Bowls?

Puppies act scared of their bowls because the water or food bowl may have some features that may appear intimidating. In most cases, puppies are frightened by metal bowls because metal bowls are likely to have more of these frightening features. Fortunately, there are several ways to help a puppy overcome his fear of the food bowl.


Why Are Puppies Born With Their Ears Closed?

Puppies are born with their ears closed for a very noble cause: protection. Mother Nature has sealed shut a puppy's ears so to safeguard them from harm. Those ears will open only once the puppy is more developed and the ears are ready to capture sounds.


Why Do Puppies Open Their Eyes After Being Born?

Puppies open their eyes after being born because they are an altricial species. This means they are totally dependent on their mothers during their first weeks of life. This is in great contrast with precocial species which encompasses animals who are able to see and even stand from the day they are born.


Why Do Puppies Bite Their Leash?

Puppies bite their leash mostly because leashes are perceived as fun toys. Puppy leash-biting is indeed a very common behavior and many new puppy owners wonder what they can do to tackle this issue. By taking a closer look as to why puppies bite their leash, it is possible to deduce what's the most appropriate strategy to stop this behavior.


Why Do Puppies Attack Your Feet?

Puppies attack your feet for a simple reason: feet are fun! In order to better understand this behavior, it's necessary to put oneself into a puppy's "feet" ehm... "shoes." When puppies leave the litter, they are left with no playmates to play with and feet feature some distinct characteristics that make them particularly appealing.

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How Do Puppies Learn Bite Inhibition?

Puppies learn bite inhibition through their early interactions with their littermates and mom. However, a puppy's bite inhibition lessons don't stop here. As a new puppy owner, it is up to you to further help your puppy further refine his bite inhibition skills by learning how sensitive human skin can be.