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What Dog Breed is Nicknamed the Jumping Up and Down Dog?

  Among the world of dogs, there are a variety of colorful terms used and some dog breeds are known by their nicknames. Have you ever heard about a dog breed nicknamed the “Jumping Up and Down Dog?” This nickname is quite curious and it may bring mental images of dogs jumping up and down … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Gums

  Unless your dog is yawning, you dog’s gums are for the most part hidden from plain view, but just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they are a part of your dog’s body that you should neglect! “Out of sight, out of mind” is a saying that shouldn’t apply to your dog’s gums. Forget … Read more

Discovering Dog Breeds With Wrinkles

  When you think about dog breeds with wrinkles, perhaps thoughts of adorable rumpled little puppies come to mind. If you find dogs coming in a wrinkly-skinned package irresistible, rest assure you are not alone. Countless dogs lovers are drawn to those corrugated pumpkin faces; however, it’s important to recognize that all those wrinkles may … Read more

Impact of Exercise on Puppy Growth Plates

Exercise on Puppy Growth Plates

  When it comes to puppies, it may be tempting to exercise them so to drain that boundless puppy energy, but it’s important to consider the impact exercise may have on puppy growth plates. When can I take my puppy jogging with me? When can my puppy start competing in agility classes? When can my … Read more

Discovering the Effects of Testosterone on Dog Behavior

  A dog’s endocrine system is composed by several glands that are meant to produce hormones which are then transmitted through the bloodstream where they have several effects on the dog’s body and mind. The hormone testosterone, in particular, is secreted by the male dog’s testes and is known for producing several physiological and behavioral … Read more

What’s Up With Dogs Walking in a U-Shape?

  Among the variety of odd things dogs do, a dog walking in a U-shape is one of those behaviors that make us wonder what on earth may be going in Rover’s mind. As with any odd behaviors in dogs, it’s always important to evaluate whether the behavior is one of those things dogs do … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: What is a Dog’s Topline?

  In the world of working dogs, body conformation is important and the dog’s topline has played an important role in allowing dogs to perform the tasks they were bred for, but exactly what is a dog’s topline? You may have heard this word before perhaps at dog shows or among breeders, but the term … Read more

What Dog Breed is Nicknamed “The Gamekeeper’s Night Dog”?

  When it comes to the world of dog breeds, many of them are provided with nicknames and some of them are plain cute, others are more on the honorable side while some others portray what the dog breed was used for. We therefore have dogs nicknamed the “Firehouse Dog” or the “Dutch Barge Dog” and … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Chest

  Unless you are in the dog show business spending lots of time studying conformation, you may have never paid particular attention to your dog’s chest. Perhaps you may have found yourself occasionally taking measurements of your dog’s chest (girth) when shopping for a harness or you may have seen your vet listening to your … Read more

What’s Up With Dogs Standing Over Other Dogs?

  Watching dogs interact can provide a lot of insights into the different ways dogs communicate, and among the variety of behavioral displays, a dog standing over another dog can be one of those behaviors that has many people wondering what it means. Is the behavior of a dog standing over other dogs a sign … Read more

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