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Reasons Why Yelping Doesn’t Always Stop Puppy Biting

Stop Puppy Biting

  Yelping doesn’t always stop puppy biting. Many new puppy owners are often advised by dog trainers and experienced dog owners to yelp to stop a puppy from biting. These puppy owners are obviously frustrated though when they notice that yelping doesn’t stop puppy biting as hoped. While this technique may help with some pups, … Read more

“I Train With a Shock Collar and My Dogs Look Happy”

Train With a Shock Collar

  “I train with a shock collar and my dogs look happy. You should really see the dogs I train, they are wagging their tails and really look forward to their training. “Really? And what proof do you have to back that up? Are you saying that your dog is pleading you to be shocked … Read more

Ironic, Funny Chihuahua Dog Names

Chihuahua Dog Names

  Ironic, funny Chihuahua dog names bring a smile to people’s faces and will leave quite an impact on those who are fortunate to meet your furry friend. Sorting through ironic, funny Chihuahua dog names may feel challenging at times. Getting those creative juices flowing requires a good amount of imagination and who feels like … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Suburban Dog Syndrome

Suburban Dog Syndrome

  Many dog owners who live in the country or suburban areas may have dogs suffering from what dog trainer Jean Donaldson calls “suburban dog syndrome.” Many dog owners may assume that the dog is just acting territorial or protective or that the behavior stems from a genetic propensity in certain breeds with a tendency … Read more

The Engage Disengage Game for Dogs

The Engage Disengage Game for Dogs

  If your dog is struggling with a trigger, you may find the engage disengage game for dogs helpful. This game is great for dogs who are nervous about a trigger such as the presence of people or other dogs. Not all dogs manifest nervousness the same way. Some dogs may manifest their anxiety by … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing in Dogs

  It’s not uncommon in the world of dog owners to complain about their dog’s selective hearing, but what does selective hearing really mean and what dogs tend to exhibit it? First off, there is no such thing as dog breeds more prone to selective hearing, there are just dogs bred for various purposes and … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Release Command

Release Command in Dogs

  If you are in the process of training your dog, you may find the use of a release command useful. When discussing release commands we get a bit in a gray area: not everybody uses release commands, but for those folks who do, they find them to be the best way to inform a … Read more

What’s Up With Dogs Who Hate Fetch?

Dogs Who Hate Fetch

  Have you ever met dogs who hate fetch? Show them a ball and they’ll make the most miserable face as if you’re asking them to do who knows what. This is a common complaint among dog owners whose dogs hate fetch, but what makes fetch such a dreaded activity?  The issue may seem like … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Ritualized Aggression

Ritualized Aggression in Dogs

  What is ritualized aggression in dogs? First, one must consider what true aggression really is. When dogs encounter other dogs, there are always chances that the encounter may not go well and it’s important to be prepared for this. While dogs often develop amicable relationships with other dogs, the onset of aggression is always … Read more

Understanding Sensitive Periods in Dogs

Sensitive Periods in Dogs

  Dog behavior is the result of the interplay between genetics and the environment and failure to recognize the importance of sensitive periods in dogs can lead to behavior problems in the long run. There is still debate on when these sensitive periods exactly start and end, and while these timelines remain blurry, one thing … Read more

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