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Dog Word of the Day: What is Flea Dirt?

Flea Dirt in Dogs

  New dog owners, but also seasoned dog owners may sometimes stumble on curious terms and flea dirt is one of them, but exactly what is flea dirt? The term may raise some curiosity as people may be wondering what on earth do fleas have to do with dirt. Yet, once you understand what’s being … Read more

Can Dogs Blow Their Nose Like People Do?

Can Dogs Blow Their Nose?

  At some point of your many years of dog ownership, you might have wondered whether dogs can blow their nose as people do. The question is actually a good one, considering that dog noses have many things in common with human noses (scenting abilities aside) and one thing in common is the fact that … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: What is an Alpha Dog?

Dog Word of the Day Alpha Dog

  What is an alpha dog? Since alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, the term “alpha dog” has come to denote a dog that within a “pack” is considered the first, the highest member in rank. Use of the term dates back to when wolves were studied and it was determined that … Read more

Discovering Dog Breeds With Curly Tails

Discovering Dog Breeds With Curly Tails

  With over 300 breeds of dogs populating the world, it’s not surprising seeing dogs with different tail sets, and dogs with curly tails deserve a place of honor. These kinks in a dog’s tail are quite fascinating to discover, considering that curly tails are only limited to a few dogs breeds. What causes those tails … Read more

What’s Up With Male Dogs Peeing Like Females?

What's Up With Male Dogs Peeing Like Females?

  Help, my dog pees like a female dog, what is wrong with him? This is often a question owners of male dogs squatting down to pee ask around. As seen in a past article, there are several dog peeing positions dogs assume and each dog may have his or her own personal preference. However, there … Read more

An Insight into Dog Appetite and Satiety

An Insight into Dog Appetite and Satiety

  Dogs, just like people, go through moments during the day during which they feel hungry and then feel full, but exactly what mechanisms in dogs are responsible for triggering such sense of appetite or sense of satiety? Your dog seems always on top of making sure to let you know when meal time is around … Read more

Surprise, Your Dog Has New Year Resolutions Too!

  With the year coming to an end, you might have special plans in mind for next year, but what about your dog? Chances are high your dog has New Year’s resolutions too! Of course, Rover won’r compile a New Year’s resolution to-do-list like many people do, and obviously he can’t express them in words, … Read more

Nine Fascinating Facts About Dog Saliva

  You likely don’t pay much attention to your dog’s saliva until you watch some droplets fall down, and then, before you know it, a little puddle of saliva has formed as your dog watches you eat a juicy steak. Dog saliva after all is meant to stay inside, nicely tucked inside your dog’s mouth, … Read more

How to Prevent Dog Collar Strangulation

  We often assume collars are safe and rely on them to carry our dog’s identification tags, but dog collar strangulation is sadly a possibility and there are more and more stories about this type of accident occurring. The collar may get caught in some branches or one dog may get stuck into another dog’s … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: What is a Dudley Nose?

  When it comes to dog noses, they can be colored in many different ways, the most common being black, but once in a blue moon you may stumble on what is called a Dudley nose. What exactly is a Dudley nose? The American Kennel Club glossary informs us that a Dudley nose in dogs … Read more

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