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Yunnan baiyou for dog spleen cancer in dogs is becoming more and more popular in veterinary medicine. 

Spleen cancer is a very serious condition which can cause episodes of mild internal bleeding, but also more serious bleeds which can turn out even being life threatening.

 It's therefore important to consider that while yunnan baiyou for dog spleen cancer can turn helpful, it's not a cure nor a medication that can stop a serious bleed in its tracks. 

If your dog has spleen cancer and he is becoming weak, lethargic and has pale or bluish-gray gums, see your vet at once for emergency care.

Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs

Yunnan baiyao is a popular Chinese medicine that is particularly known for its ability to promote hemostasis. In other words, it helps stop bleeding whether due to injury or disease. 

It is one of most prized, patented drugs used in Chinese traditional medicine and is Class-1 protected medicine in China. Its reputation is the equivalent of penicillin in the United States.

Yunnan baiyao, also known as yunnan paiyao, is proprietary herbal medicine developed by Qu Huanzhang, a Chinese physician, in 1902. 

It means, 'white medicine from the province of Yunnan.' 

It is a white powder with exceptional anti-hemorrhagic properties. The ingredients of this medicine is a closely guarded secret in China. Three separate teams prepare this medicine in parts, and then yunnan baiyao is finally made by combining all these.

Yunnan baiyou was first used as a first-aid by the Chinese soldiers in World War II. Later on, Vietcong (a communist political organization of South Vietnam and Cambodia during Vietnam War) used yunnan baiyao to save soldiers from severe injuries caused on the battlefield.

Nowadays, yunnan baiyou is used to treat both humans and animals suffering from any bleeding or traumatic injury.

 It can stop bleeding caused by injuries, relieves pain, improves blood circulation, remove toxins, and reduces swelling. 

Veterinarians use yunnan baiyao for dog spleen cancer which causes fatal internal bleeding.

 Spleen tumors are common in large dogs, particularly Goldens and German shepherds.

Spleen tumors are common in large dogs, particularly Goldens and German shepherds.

Yunnan Baiyou for Dog Spleen Cancer

Hemangiosarcoma, or dog spleen cancer, is a very aggressive, malignant tumor of blood vessels in the spleen. 

Middle-aged, large-breed dogs that are between the ages of 6 and 13, usually get afflicted with this kind of cancer.

 These tumors often tend to rupture and result in severe internal bleeding which can become fatal and sometimes can even cause instant death.

The treatment for dog spleen cancer consists of the surgical removal of the cancerous tumor and chemotherapy. As there is no permanent cure for this disease, until recently, dog owners had nothing much to do to alleviate the symptoms of their canine friends. 

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The introduction of yunnan baiyao in the US has brought great relief to all those people willing to try alternative medicine for their dogs. 

Usage of yunnan baiyao for dog hemangiosarcoma is safe and it can stop minor bleeding, relieve pain and help in extending the life of the dog.

Yunnan baiyou for dog spleen cancer is usually taken orally. It has a proven track record of curing bleeding injuries successfully. 

Some veterinarians even recommend a dosage of yunnan baiyao before surgeries to prevent severe bleeding. A dosage of yunnan baiyao can potentially help your dog in his quick recovery after surgery.

This herbal medicine can significantly improve the quality of life of a dog suffering from hemangiosarcoma.

 It is important to note that dogs taking yunnan baiyou should not take any drugs or supplements that contain anti-coagulants such as ginger, turmeric, omega fatty acids and vitamin C . It is essential to consult with the vet before you use yunnan baiyao for dog hemangiosarcoma.

"The best supplement for this type of cancer is I'm Yunnity mushrooms. Dogs taking this particular supplement, after surgery for spleen cancer, live significantly longer than dogs with spleen cancer not taking the mushrooms. There is a good clinical study showing it makes a difference, done at the vet school in Pennsylvania." ~Dr. Rebecca, veterinarian

The tissue sample taken from the liver is checked under a microscope.

A biopsy of the spleen is needed for definite diagnosis.

Yunnan Baiyao For Dog Dosages

Yunnan baiyao for dog spleen cancer should be given only under the guidance of a physician. You have to give this medicine to your dog based on his/her weight.

 The guidelines for the dosage of yunnan baiyao for dog spleen cancer varies from dog to dog.

According to veterinarian Dr. Damian Dressler, also known as "the cancer vet" for dogs weighing under 10 pounds, one capsule of yunnan baiyao is given once a day.

 Dogs weighing 10 lbs to 30 lbs can take one tablet twice a day. 

Those weighing 30 pounds to 60 pounds should take two pills, twice a day. Dogs weighing over 60 pounds should take two capsules three times a day.

It is better to give on alternate days or intermittently in a 5-day cycle with a 5-day break in between.

 If regularly given to dogs having liver problems, it may cause liver damage. Some of the other side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, and allergies.

In addition to being a beneficial medicine for dog spleen cancer, yunnan baiyao is also helpful in relieving pain, reducing swelling and treating anorexia in dogs.

 It is the best alternative medicine for dogs suffering from hemangiosarcoma that is safe and improves their quality of life significantly.


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