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Over the Counter Medicine for Dog

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Medicine for Dog Upset Stomach

Over the Counter Medicine for Dog Upset Stomach

If your dog has an upset stomach, you may be wondering if there are any over the counter medicines for dog upset stomach such as Pepto- Bismol, Kaopectate, Imodium or Pepcid used in humans.

If your dog's upset stomach is mild, and your dog doesn't display any worrisome symptoms as those portrayed in the articles: "Is your dog a good candidate for home treatment'' and "What warrants a vet visit?", you can try to treat it at home.

There are several over the counter medications for dog upset stomach, but as with any medication it's always best to first consult with your veterinarian. Listed below are some common OTC meds for dog upset stomach. To learn more about each meds, look under our "treatment" sections.

Can I give Imodium for Dog Upset Stomach?

Imodium, also known as loperamide, is an over the counter drug that is used for cases of diarrhea. This drug works by slowing down transit times so excessive water is absorbed. While this drug is available over the counter and veterinarians can be legally prescribing it as an extra-label drug, Imodium needs to be used with caution in dogs affected by certain disorders and dogs of certain breeds can have severe reactions to it.

Also, this drug may have deleterious effects on dogs who have ingested toxins or develop diarrhea from bacteria considering that is slows down transit times. Yet, when given under the guidance of a vet, this drug may be helpful for dogs suffering from repeated bouts of diarrhea. For more on this drug and veterinarian recommendations, read the article "Imodium for dog upset stomach".

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Can I Give Pepcid for Dog Upset Stomach?

If your dog is vomiting, you may be wondering if Pepcid may help out. Also known as famotidine, Pepcid is one of the most commonly used OTC medications used in dogs. This drug is an anti-ulcer medication that comes handy for dogs suffering from side effects derived from the use of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or dogs who are developing stomach ulcers from kidney disease or from mast cell tumors. Also, used for treating primary disease of the stomach.

As Imodium, veterinarians prescribe Pepcid as an extra-label drug. For more on this over the counter drug for dog upset stomach, read the article "Pepcid for dog upset stomach".

Can I Give Pepto-Bismol or Kaopectate for Dog Upset Stomach?

Nausea, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea... goes the commercial for Pepto meant for humans, but can Pepto be also used in dogs? The answer is yes, but with other medications, always best to ask your vet. In dogs, Pepto-Bismol can be used to treat diarrhea and mild upset stomach but in cats the solution can prove quite troublesome due to its salicylate content (aspirin-like). This drug is known for coating the stomach and effectively soothing it.

Kaopectate, like pepto-bismol also contains now bismuth salicylate while in the past its original active ingredients were pectin and kaolinite. As with other over-the-counter meds for dog upset stomach, it's best to consult with a vet for guidance. For more on this product, read the article "Pepto-Bismol for dog upset stomach".

Alternatives to Over-the-counter Medications

If your dog's upset stomach is mild and likely due to something minor such as an abrupt dietary change, you can skip the medications and try some home remedies. The most common home remedy is to fast the dog shortly and then feed a home-made dog upset stomach bland diet made of boiled chicken and rice. In our remedies section, we also offer a grain-free dog upset stomach bland diet.

Other remedies consist of plain pumpkin, ginger and slippery elm. Visit the remedies section for more information. Last but not least, our store offers some suggestions for getting relief from those annoying repeated bouts of dog stomach upset and digestive issues.

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