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Dog Diarrhea Grain-free Diet

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Grain-free Bland Diet for Dogs with Diarrhea

Grain-free Bland Diet for Dogs with Diarrhea

While the most common bland diet for dogs with diarrhea involves boiled chicken and rice or boiled hamburger and rice, some dog owners may not be too fond of using rice for their dog's diet.

The reasons for this choice can be several. If you are here, it could be that you don't want to feed your dog grains either because of allergies or because you feel that rice isn't really species-appropriate for your dog.

You may have heard how grains don't contain any nutrients and are used by pet food companies as cheap fillers. Also, you may be reluctant to give rice because your dog is diabetic, and you know that rice breaks up into sugar which leads to a surge in glucose levels.

Regardless of your choice, you may be happy in learning that there is a grain-free option for bland diets for dogs and the rice is substituted with pumpkin.

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The choice of pumpkin over rice offers several advantages. First and foremost, consider that pumpkin provides 7 grams of soluble fiber per cup; whereas, cooked white rice contains only a mere1.2 grams per cup. The soluble fiber found in pumpkin is the type that dissolves in water forming a viscous gel which works wonderfully for coating and soothing an irritated bowel. On top of that, consider that soluble fiber slows down transit times so that the episodes of diarrhea will reduce.

Also, consider that rice ferments and may trigger gassiness. Last but not least, consider that pumpkin also is a great source of potassium, boasting 505 milligrams in only one cup, explains veterinarian Karen Becker. Dogs with diarrhea risk losing potassium and other electrolytes so the pumpkin can work well in preventing dogs from developing potassium deficiencies, a condition known as "hypokalaemia."

[adinserter block="4"]For dogs who are diabetic, there is great news. According to a study, the extract obtained from pumpkin may actually improve blood glucose levels in diabetics and may also offer antioxidant effects! So yay for pumpkin!

Grain-free Bland Diet for Dog Diarrhea

The grain free- bland diet for dogs is made of ground turkey along with 100% plain pumpkin. The turkey is best if it's fat free so that you can lower the chances of fat worsening an upset stomach. A certain amount of fat can be drained by boiling the turkey or baking it. Once cooked, you can then further drain the fat off with paper towels. As for the pumpkin, make sure you read the ingredient list to make sure it's only pure pumpkin as many canned pumpkin contains spices for making pies. If you can find it, organic plain pumpkin may be the best choice. Alternatively, you can prepare it fresh.

The procedure for the bland diet is simple: simply use a 50-50 ratio of turkey to pumpkin. Start by boiling the ground turkey and then drain the water. Pat the turkey to absorb any fat. Add plain pumpkin and serve feeding it in small 2 to 3 portions during the day after your dog has fasted for at least 12 hours. This brief fast allows the dog's digestive system to rest a bit so it's less irritated. Even through the fasting period, make sure your dog has always access to fresh drinking water. Feed the turkey and pumpkin bland diet until the stools is better formed, which happens usually within 3 days. If your dog doesn't' get better during this time or your dog is lethargic, weak or manifests other symptoms, see your vet.

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