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CBD Oil for Dogs With Cancer


CBD oil for dogs with cancer is something that more and more dog owners are interesting in, considering that, when it comes to alternative medicines, CBD from hemp oil is probably the latest hit. This often misunderstood herb though is quite a controversial topic, however, countless studies have shown that CBD is beneficial for humans in several ways, but what about dogs? Can CBD from hemp oil be used in dogs? Recent findings seem promising, showing that dogs can experience the same health-promoting and boosting benefits as humans.


Debunking t

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First of all, it's important to debunk a popular myth. Contrary to popular belief – CBD from hemp oil is not psychoactive. The cannabis used for dogs comes from hemp, not marijuana. The Cannabis sativa plant (hemp and marijuana both come from it) contains more than 100 active compounds called cannabinioids. The two most important cannabinioids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocanabinol (THC). CBD is the compound that has therapeutic effects while THC is the compound that makes you feel "high" (temporary feeling of relaxation, euphoria and elation).

While marijuana contains 10 to 15 percent THC, hemp contains less than 0.3 percent. This concentration is not enough to cause intoxication neither for humans nor for dogs. Plus, hemp contains particularly high concentrations of the therapeutic CBDs. Therefore, CBD oils for humans and dogs are made of hemp.

The dog’s central (brain) and peripheral nervous systems as well as its immune cells have endocannabinioid receptors. Those receptors comprise the endocannabinioids (ECs) system. The ECs system regulates some essential physiological functions such as sleep, immunity and memory. When the endocannabinioid receptors interact with cannabinioids they maintain balance in the body and keep it in a normally healthy state.

CBD oil is a herbal medicine. Therefore, it does not warrant immediate effects. You need to be patient and wait for its effects to kick in. however, different effects require different waiting times. For example, the pain relieving effects starts in a few hours, while the inflammation control effect may need as much as few days.

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Using CBD Oil for Dogs 

CBD oil in dogs is used for a variety of conditions. Below are listed various benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

  • CBD oil reduces anxiety – it is useful for treating separation anxiety and managing noise phobias..
  • CBD oil relieves chronic pain – it is useful for treating neuropathies and nerve-related pain, arthritis-associated pain and pain related to acute pancreatitis episodes.
  • CBD oil manages inflammatory bowel disease – it prevents bowel inflammation and promotes normal gut motility.
  • CBD oil has antibiotic properties – it is potent even against resistant bacterial strains such as MRSA.
  • CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant – it is more potent than vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • CBD oil protects the brain – it protects the brain from the damaging effects of toxins and free radicals.
  • CBD oil increases appetite and decreases nausea – it promotes healthy appetite while successfully dealing with drugs and toxins induced vomiting and nausea.
  • CBD oil enhances the post-operative care – it reduces swellings and stiffness while managing pain.

CBD Oil for Dogs With Cancer

Sadly, statistics show that every 1 in 4 dogs will develop cancer at some point of their lives, while 1 in 2 dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer. With these concerning numbers, more and more dog owners will face doubts and worries about how they can help their best friends during these difficult times.

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Among the other benefits, CBD oil has also been know to help fight cancer – it has anti-tumor effects because it promotes tumor cells death while preventing the remaining tumor cells from growing. On top of this, CBD oil is believed to have some anti-metastatic properties (preventing cancer from spreading to other distant organs).

On top of potential cancer-fighting properties, another big perk of CBD oil is its use as an appetite stimulant for dogs undergoing cancer treatments or just simply suffering from appetite loss and nausea associated with the cancer itself.

As with administering to dogs anything new, it is advisable to start out with small amounts while constantly monitoring the effects and keeping an eye on potential side-effects. Generally speaking, CBD oil has large safety margins. This means it is safe even when used in higher doses and over a prolonged period of time. Additionally, recent studies show that dogs do not build up tolerance.

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CBD Oil Side Effects in Dogs 

While the use of CBD oil for dogs with cancer sounds promising, its use is not without side effects. To minimize the risk of side-effects it is important to follow the proper dosage. The most commonly observed side-effects include:

  • Dry mouth – CBD decreases the production of saliva. Dogs affected by this side effect may drink more water than usually.
  • Low blood pressure – if administered in larger doses, CBD oil can cause a temporary drop in the blood pressure. Although small, this drop may cause brief light-headedeness.
  • Drowsiness – if used in higher doses, CBD oil can cause light drowsiness.

It should be noted that CBD oil decreases the activity of liver enzymes used to metabolize drugs. Therefore, you should talk to your vet before implementing CBD oil in your dog’s treatment plan.

Choosing The Right Product

Do not settle for anything less than a high-quality CBD oil. When choosing the right product, it is important to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Type (organic or regular) – regular options contain pesticides, fungicides and solvents, while organic options are free from the above stated additives.Reputable companies will send products off to a lab for testing for toxins. Companies as such should provide a certificate claiming what's contained in the product.
  • Amount of CBD in the product – different oils contain different amount of CBDs.
  • Price – higher cost usually indicates higher quality and purity.
  • Form – CBD oil can come in many different forms such as: Tincture Capsules Topical Treats

The tincture form is the best because it allows easy adjustment of the dose. The treats form is also practical as it is available in different flavors such as chicken, beef and peanut butter.

It goes without saying that you should always choose a pet-specific product. That way you know you are getting the right concentrations and you know there are no extra additives.


As a hemp extraction, the CBD oil is relaxant and non-psychotic, pain-relief agent. The CBD oil is highly prized for its therapeutic properties. This amazing product is slowly but securely revolutionizing the world of dog care.

Today, CBD oil is successfully used to manage a variety of health issues – from stress and anxiety to inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. With such a vast variety of uses, the CBD oil’s popularity among dog parents is on the rise.

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