Paw licking can be a sign of inflamed paws.

How to Stop a Dog From Chewing His Feet

To stop a dog from chewing his feet you will need to address the underlying cause for the itchiness. Without tackling the source of the problem, you risk being perpetually stuck in a chicken-or-egg dilemma, leaving your dog's feet-chewing behavior unresolved. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares the underlying causes for dogs chewing their feet and how to stop it.


What Does Cortisol Do To Dogs?

What does cortisol do to dogs is something that dog owners may be wondering about. Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol plays a vital part of the dog's endocrine system. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares why, despite its popular name, this stress hormone does more than simply managing the dog's anxiety levels.


Ask the Vet: Can Dogs Eat Donuts?

Whether dogs can eat donuts is something that many dog owners may be wondering about. After all, it can be very difficult to resist a cute face staring at you as you enjoy a morning donut with your coffee. Veterinarian Dr. Masucci shares whether dogs can eat donuts and some potential dangers.


TPLO Failure and Complications in Dogs

The signs of TPLO failure and complications in dogs is something you may be wondering about if your dog just underwent this surgery. Perhaps your dog is showing some unusual symptoms and you are concerned about it, or perhaps you just want to play it safe and know ahead of time what can go wrong.

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The Cost of ACL Surgery in Dogs

The cost of ACL surgery in dogs is something owners of dogs facing this problem may be wondering about. The surgery can be quite expensive and there are a variety of surgical procedures to choose from so the costs may vary from one procedure and another. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana Crnec shares information on each procedure along with the costs of ACL surgery in dogs.


Help, My Dog Keeps Gagging Without Throwing Up

If your dog keeps gagging without throwing up, you are right to be concerned. Non-productive vomiting in dogs can be a sign of potential bloat, although sometimes what looks like gagging is really a dog coughing up foam. Veterinarian Dr. Sara Ochoa shares what causes dogs to gag without throwing up and the importance of seeing the vet.


Why is My Dog Constantly Scratching and Biting Himself?

A dog constantly scratching and biting himself is for sure a frustrating ordeal. As a dog owner, you may wonder what may be causing all of the fuss and may be hoping to get to the bottom of the itchy problem. Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Masucci shares several possible causes and solutions for itchy dogs.


Procedure and Cost of Cherry Eye Surgery For Dogs

Knowing more about the procedure and cost of cherry eye surgery in dogs is something that may be of interest to owners of dogs with this condition. Veterinarian Dr. Ochoa describes what cherry eye is in dogs, and then goes into depth on what the procedure entails, possible complications and the average cost of cherry eye surgery in dogs.


How Long Does it Take For Dogs to Digest Food?

How long it takes for dogs to digest food is something dog owners may wonder about. Perhaps your dog just swallowed something and you are wondering how long it will take to pass through or maybe you're just curious about a dog's digestive process. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares a crash course on how dog digestion works, taking readers on a trip starting from the mouth, down the esophagus, then into the stomach and intestines up until the final exit.


Ask the Vet: What to Use to Clean a Dog's Ears?

What to use to clean a dog's ears is important considering that, the wrong products, may do more harm than good. It's important to understand the delicate environment of the internal ear as it can easily become a site for disease, leading to annoying ear infections. Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Masucci shares tips on dog ear cleaning and what to use to clean a dog's ears.

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What is an Embedded Dog Collar?

An embedded dog collar is a significant problem that shouldn't be underestimated. It is more likely to occur in stray dogs or dogs who are neglected. Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer discusses how a dog collar may embed in a dog's neck, how it impacts the dog's skin along with treatment and recovery.


Is a Dog Vomiting Blood an Emergency?

A dog vomiting blood can be a scary situation, especially if the blood is copious versus just a fleck or two mixed in. A dog throwing up blood, whatever the cause, is not a normal occurrence and it is necessary to identify the source of the bleeding. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares information pertaining dogs vomiting blood and when a dog vomiting blood is considered an emergency where every second counts.


Ask the Vet: Can Puppies Be Born With Worms?

Whether puppies can be born with worms is something new breeders and puppy owners may wonder about. Perhaps you have seen something wiggly in your puppy's stool or maybe as a breeder you are wondering whether you need to deworm mother dog before she gives birth. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares facts about whether puppies can be born with worms.


Help, My Dog Has a Brittle Coat

If your dog has a brittle coat, you may be wondering what may be happening to your beloved canine companion. If a glossy and smooth coat is a sign of good health, you know that a brittle or coarse coat is something that may warrant some investigation. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares possible causes of a brittle coat in dogs.


My Dog is Shuffling His Back Feet

If your dog is shuffling his back feet out of the blue, you may be wondering what may be going on. In order to understand this behavior better, it helps to gain a deeper understand on what proprioception is and how certain conditions may impact it causing dogs to shuffle and drag their back feet. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares causes of dogs shuffling their back feet and what can be done about it.


Ask the Vet: Can You Walk Dogs After They Eat?

Whether you can walk dogs after they eat is a good question. You may have heard that walking dogs after they eat is bad because they can be prone to a potentially life threatening condition known as bloat. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares whether you can walk dogs after they eat and what you need to be concerned about.


Would a Dog Starve if He Doesn't Like His Food

Whether a dog would starve himself if he doesn't like his food, is something owners of finicky dogs may wonder about. Here's the thing: sometimes dogs can turn increasingly finicky when we offer them higher value foods when they won't eat, which leads to them no more liking their food. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana discusses finicky dogs and whether dogs would starve if they don't like their food.

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Ask the Vet: How to Tell if a Dog Has Rabies

Knowing how to tell if a dog has rabies is of course important, considering how serious this disease is. Rabies has no cure, and therefore, it is paramount knowing the status of a dog who has bitten or scratched a person. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares several signs on how to tell if a dog has rabies.


Ask the Vet: Help, My Dog Ate a Battery!

If your dog ate a battery, you are right to be concerned. All types of batteries can be troublesome, but some are more troublesome than others. Also, the risks your dog may encounter may be multiple. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares the dangers of batteries in dogs and what to do if your dog ate a battery.


Ask the Vet: Why Do Old Dogs Leak Urine?

When old dogs leak urine, dog owners wonder what is happening to their best friend. Perhaps your old dog is waking up from sleep and licking up some drops of urine, or you may notice some urine spots in the area where your dog sleeps. While most dogs who leak urine are female dogs, male dogs aren't totally spared from this leakage


Help, My Dog Has Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

If your dog has recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), you are certainly concerned about their persistence. Urinary tract infections in dogs can be very unsettling to dogs. UTI's lead to dogs peeing frequently and in small amounts, burning sensations and accidents around the home. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares what to do if your dog has recurrent urinary tract infections.


Do Puppy Leg Bones Break Easily?

Puppy leg bones break easily sometimes and this is because puppies are not as resilient as we may have thought. Fortunately though, most fracture cases in puppies can be prevented so as the saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares signs of fractures in puppies and the types of fractures they may sustain.

baby food

Can Dogs Eat Canned Baby Food?

Most dogs eat canned baby food when offered, but the big question is whether it is safe and OK to give to dogs. When it comes to dog nutrition, there are many things to keep into consideration. Dogs are built differently from us, so something that may be fine for us can be very toxic to dogs. Take dark chocolate for example. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares whether dogs can eat canned baby food along with general guidelines.

dog tongue

Why is My Dog's Tongue Hanging Out in an Odd Way?

A dog's tongue hanging out in an odd way can surely gain a few laughs over social media, but owners of dogs presenting with this oddity, in an out-of-the -blue presentation, will be obviously concerned. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana discusses a dog's tongue anatomy, and how a dog's tongue may sometimes normally stick out such as when the dog is panting or asleep, as well as possible abnormalities.


Ask the Vet: My Dog Ate a Stick of Butter

If your dog ate a stick of butter, you shouldn't be surprised, dogs eat the the oddest things and butter is very appealing to dogs. Being opportunistic beings, dogs will often gulp down things like there's no tomorrow. However, not all things they eat are healthy. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares what to do in case your dog ate a stick of butter.


Ask the Vet: What Does Parvo Poop Look Like and Smell Like?

Owners of puppies may wonder what does parvo poop look like and smell like. This is likely because, when their puppy has diarrhea, their first concern is whether it may be parvo. Parvo indeed, does produce a typical parvo smell. Veterinarian Dr. Sara Ochoa shares details about what parvo poop looks like and smells like.

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Ask the Vet: Why Do Dogs With Heart Failure Cough at Night?

Dogs with heart failure cough at night because of the way this condition impacts them upon lying down. Fortunately, there are medications that can help reduce the coughing and make dogs feel better. Veterinarian Dr. Sara Ochoa shares facts on how heart failure impacts the dog's body and why it heart failure causes dogs to cough at night.


Ask the Vet: What Should I Do About Matted Hair Infections in Dogs?

Matted hair infections in dogs are complications that owners of long-haired dogs should be aware of. Matted hair in dogs is painful and can cause even infections when left untreated. Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Masucci shares facts about hair mats in dogs and what to do about matted hair infections in dogs.


Health Problems in Dogs With Merle Coats

The health problems in dogs with merle coats is something perspective dog owners should be aware about before considering adopting a dog with this coat pattern. Breeders should be aware of these problems too considering the many risks of breeding dogs with these coats.


Ask the Vet: Why is My Dog Holding the Tail Down?

A dog holding the tail down may be communicating a variety of feelings. The tail down can be an indication of how the dog feels emotionally, but it can also signal something medically going on. If the behavior is unusual for your dog, it is best to consult with a vet to find the underlying cause.


Ask a Vet: How to Stop a Dog From Shedding Excessively?

Many dog owners dream of a magic pill meant to stop a dog from shedding excessively. It's unfortunate, but until that pill is invented, all that is left is left to do is investigate why a dog may be shedding excessively. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares reasons why dogs shed and what you can do about this "hairy situation."

old dog

Why Does My Dog Limp When it's Cold?

If your dog limps when it's cold, you may be wondering whether winter weather impacts your canine companion's mobility as much as it does to people. After all, it's a known fact that arthritis tends to get worse as the cold weather is around the corner, so why shouldn't it be the same for dogs?


Ask a Vet: Are Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings For Dogs Safe?

Many dog owners wonder whether anesthesia-free dental cleanings are safe for dogs. As tempting as it can be to have dogs undergo a dental cleaning without "going under," there are several considerations that dog owners should be aware of. Veterinarian Dr. Eric Weiner shares differences between non-anesthetic and anesthetic dentals for dogs.


Ask the Vet: My Dog Ate Excedrin Migraine Pills

If your dog ate Excedrin Migraine pills, you may be worried about how these pills will impact your dog. What is suitable for humans can turn out being very toxic to man's best friend. Indeed, many commonly used pain killers are not suitable for dogs and many are just downright toxic.


Ask the Vet: Can Dogs Get Headaches?

Whether dogs get headaches is something many dog owners may wonder about. With headaches being so common among humans, it makes sense to think that dogs can get them too. If that would be the case, we can probably better understand why they may be performing poorly in some days. Turns out, dogs do get headaches, but the underlying dynamics are different than in humans.


Ask the Vet: Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

Whether dogs need sunscreen is a very important question considering the proven damage the sun and UV rays have been known to cause. If your dog spends a lot of time in the sun or your dog is more vulnerable than others (like white dogs) you may want to consider using sunscreen. Not all sunscreen is created equally though. Some types of sunscreen can be very toxic to dogs.


Ask the Vet: Can a Chicken Bone Kill a Dog?

Whether a chicken bone can kill a dog is something dog owners may wonder about considering a dog's habit of gulping down food with little chewing. While chicken bones can pose several dangers, the risks may be higher in certain circumstances. If your dog ate a chicken bone and you are worried, your best bet is to consult with your vet.


Why Do Dogs Get Blisters on the Paws?

When dogs get blisters on the paws, dog owners are concerned about it and wonder what the underlying cause can be. To better understand blisters on a dog's paws, it helps learning more about blisters, what they are and what they look like and what can cause and then take a peek at how this can be treated by the vet.

dog pool

Ask the Vet: Can Pool Water Make a Dog Sick?

Can pool water make a dog sick? This is an important question considering that many dogs love to swim in swimming pools when the "dog days of summer" are in full force. Here's the thing: as dogs have a blast paddling in the swimming pool, most may engage in drinking some pool water eventually and it's important to know where this is safe or not.

car irde

Ask the Vet: Why Does My Dog Pant in the Car?

A dog panting in the car may look like a rather normal behavior, but there is panting and panting in dogs. Dogs may pant in the car as result of a variety of emotions, but it can also occur as a result of some medical issues.