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What Does a Hard Stare Mean in Dogs?

A fixed, hard stare in dogs is something to be aware of. You may notice it in some specific situations where your dog is particularly aroused by something. Pay attention to when it happens so that you can take action, even better, intervene *before* your dog shows a fixed, hard stare.


What is Fear Generalization in Dogs?

Fear generalization in dogs is the process of a new stimulus or situation evoking fear because it shares similar characteristics to a another fear-eliciting stimulus or situation. This may sound more complicated that it is, so let's take a look at some examples of fear generalization in dogs.


What Does it Mean for a Dog to "Honor The Point?"

A dog honoring the point, may sound like something quite complex, but in the world of hunting dogs, this term is quite popular. Discover what honoring means in dogs and the importance of a dog honoring another dog's point.

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Does Your Dog Do the "Greeting Stretch?"

The greeting stretch in dogs is something that you may be already familiar with, but you just didn't happen to know this behavior had such a cutesy name. Discover more about greeting stretches in dogs and what they mean.

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What Are Open Fontanelles in Dogs?

An open fontanelle in dogs consists of a "hole" in the dog's head. When puppies are still in the womb, the bones in their heads are not fused together as they should be, so when they're born, they have this "hole" on the top of their head.


Dog Word of the Day: Sudden Environmental Contrast (SEC)

Learning more about sudden environmental contrast can help you better understand your dog, especially if your dog is prone to being reactive. This knowledge will give you a different perspective onto how your dog perceives changes in his environment and how he perceives them.

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Dog Word of the Day: What is Sheep Backing?

There are dogs who protect sheep, dogs who round up sheep, and then there are dogs who engage in the fine art of "sheep backing." Sheep backing is not for the faint of heart, it takes a certain level of courage, determination and good balance. Not surprisingly, a dog breed known as the "Australian Kelpie" has all of these qualities and more.


What is a Dog Sploot?

A sploot in dogs is something you may have never heard about before, but there's always time to learn something new. In the dog world, there is definitely no shortage of colorful expressions and words to entertain us and keep our minds busy. So let's discover more about sploots in dogs and what they mean.

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Dog Word of the Day: Fun Police Role

The fun police role may appear like a peculiar term for being used in the world of dogs. Yet, if we dig deeper on the usage of this term, things start making sense. Many dogs engage in the fun police role, although some dogs breeds may be more predisposed.


Dog Word of the Day: Melanistic Mask

A melanistic mask is just one of the many interesting patterns you may encounter when exploring the wonderful world of dogs. Many dog lovers are attracted to dogs with a melanistic mask because it gives them an intriguing look that sticks from the crowd. Let's discover more about melanistic masks in dogs.


What's a Snipey Muzzle in Dogs?

A snipey muzzle in dogs is something to be aware of, especially if you are planning to breed dogs or enter the show ring business. Even if you plan to use your dog as a hunting partner, you should be aware of snipey muzzles and how they may impact your dog's ability to perform the tasks he was bred for.


Dog Word of the Day: What is Contra Freeloading?

If you own a dog, you need to learn more about contra freeloading and how it can benefit your dog. The concept has been backed up by research and its application has been encouraged for many years in zoos to help improve the welfare of captive animals. Let's discover how contra freeloading can impact your dog.

Spatulate Tongue in Dogs

What is a Spatulate Tongue in Dogs?

Knowing what a spatulate tongue in dogs is, can help you be a better owner. Discover what a spatulate tongue means and what you should do if you notice it.

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What are Accidental Behavior Chains in Dog Training?

Accidental behavior chains in dog training can really put a dent in your progress if you don't know how to correctly tackle them. Recognizing this phenomenon is a very good first step though in tackling it. As the saying goes, "knowledge is power."

Tail typical of canine hypothyroidism

Dog Word of the Day: Rat Tail in Dogs

A rat tail in dogs usually refers to the typical appearance of the tail seen in dogs suffering from low thyroid levels, but how and why do dogs with low thyroid levels develop such a tail?


Dog Breeds With Spectacles (Wearing "Glasses!")

There are dog breeds with spectacles, but the term "spectacles" may sound a bit peculiar, especially when it comes to dogs. What do spectacles have to do with dogs? The last time we checked, dogs didn't wear eyeglasses! Well, it turns out the term spectacles is used to depict a certain type of facial marking that's present in two distinctive dog breeds.

Rothound dogs

What is a Rothound?

A rothound is a type of dog you may have never heard about before. Yet, this dog deserves some special recognition considering the important roles he plays. Discover more about rothounds and their fascinating, specialized work that keeps the world from rotting.

Circle Wag in Dogs

The Circle Wag in Dogs

The circle wag in dogs is a special kind of tail wag. Not all dogs circle wag, but those who do can put up quite a show with their tail acrobatics. Discover what a circle wag in dogs is all about and what context and circumstances seem to evoke it. Yes, not all tail wags are created equally!

A dog panting and not wanting to lie down may need medical intervention.

Dog Word of the Day: Suburban Dog Syndrome

Suburban dog syndrome may appear like a peculiar phenomenon, but it is more common than thought. The term was coined by dog trainer Jean Donaldson, who mentioned it for the first time in her book: "Dogs Are from Neptune."

Egage disengage game for dogs

The Engage Disengage Game for Dogs

The engage disengage game for dogs can come handy with dogs who are reactive towards triggers. Discover how this methods works and how it is implemented.


Dog Word of the Day: Ritualized Aggression

Ritualistic aggression is something that owners of dogs should become aware of. It's all about body language and good social skills without getting in trouble. It's something that dogs master courtesy of their natural communication skills. Discover the meaning of ritualistic aggression in dogs.

Flea Dirt in Dogs

Dog Word of the Day: What is Flea Dirt?

Flea dirt in dogs is something that you should be aware of if you own a dog, but what on earth do fleas have to do with dirt? Once you understand what's being talked about exactly, you will grasp that the definition and notice that it is nothing fun and perhaps you'll find it even a tad bit revolting.


Dog Word of the Day: What is a Dudley Nose?

A Dudley nose in dogs refers to a nose that is flesh colored or even lacking pigment. It is not very common, but when it is present in certain dog breeds, it's considered a fault for a very good reason: a nose that lacks pigment is delicate and more prone to sun damage.

dog topline

Dog Word of the Day: What is a Dog's Topline?

A dog's topline is something that holds an important role especially for those in the breeding and dog showing business. However, even among dog owners, learning more about a dog's topline can be helpful considering the important role this body part plays.


Dog Word of the Day: Spitz Dog

What is a spitz dog? If you stumbled on this term before, you may have been wondering what is a spitz dog, and what are the main characteristics of spitz dogs. Spitz dogs are fascinating animals who share similar characteristics which throughout their history made them particularly suitable for the environment and climate in which they originated.

Setter Dog

Dog Word of the Day: Setter Dog

Setter dogs are have been working partners for many years and deserve a spot of honor for carrying out many tasks as cherished gun dogs. Interestingly, these dogs have many impressive traits that are worthy of discovering. Did you know for example, that there are several different types of setters?


Dog Word of the Day: Flooding

Flooding is a word that is commonly used in dog circles. Knowledge of this term is particularly important if you own a fearful dog or if you want to learn more about the correct implementation of behavior modification.


Dog Word of the Day: Steady to Wing and Shot

Steady to wing and shot is a term you may sometimes hear around hunting dog circles. Discovering what this term means is certainly interesting, considering that it involves gun dogs and the qualities inculcated into them to make them superior hunters.


Dog Word of the Day: Elizabethan Collar

Elizabethan collar may sound like a peculiar term considering its use in veterinary medicine, but once you discover why it's called this way, it all starts making sense. Discover what an Elizabethan collar is, and most of all, how it pertains to dogs.


What is Approach-Avoidance Conflict in Dogs?

Approach-avoidance conflict in dogs is a phenomenon to be aware about. Have you ever felt irresistibly drawn to something, yet fearing it somehow? Something similar can happen to dogs in specific circumstances. Discover how to recognize it, and most of all, what to do about it.


Dog Word of the Day: Flirt Pole

A flirt pole for dogs is basically the canine version of one of those fishing pole-like toys crafted for cats. More and more dog trainers advocate the use of flirt poles as a form of physical and mental activity and engagement with the owner.

sloppy sit dog

Dog Word of the Day: Sloppy Sit

Sloppy sits in the dog world may be just a temporary, lazy way of sitting or it can be indicative of some underlying orthopedic disorder that needs to be corrected. Discover what sloppy sits are and signs of trouble.

brachycephalic dog

Dog Word of the Day: Brachycephalic

You may occasionally stumble on the term "brachycephalic" when hearing discussions about dogs. Discover more about what this means.


Dog Word of the Day: Muzzle Punch

A muzzle punch in dogs is something that shouldn't be underestimated. Indeed, muzzle punches should be taken seriously, as based on context, they can sometimes be a warning of an impending future bite and therefore a professional should be consulted for safety.

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Dog Word of the Day: Capturing

Capturing in dog training is a method that dog owners can use to obtain desirable behaviors from their dogs. In dog training, there are many different ways to "get dog behaviors" and capturing can be very effective, especially with shy dogs who need some extra space.