Dog Word of the Day: What is Contra Freeloading?

If you own a dog, you need to learn more about contra freeloading and how it can benefit your dog. The concept has been backed up by research and its application has been encouraged for many years in zoos to help improve the welfare of captive animals. Let's discover how contra freeloading can impact your dog.

Circle Wag in Dogs

The Circle Wag in Dogs

The circle wag in dogs is a special kind of tail wag. Not all dogs circle wag, but those who do can put up quite a show with their tail acrobatics. Discover what a circle wag in dogs is all about and what context and circumstances seem to evoke it. Yes, not all tail wags are created equally!


Dog Word of the Day: Ritualized Aggression

Ritualistic aggression is something that owners of dogs should become aware of. It's all about body language and good social skills without getting in trouble. It's something that dogs master courtesy of their natural communication skills. Discover the meaning of ritualistic aggression in dogs.


Dog Word of the Day: Spitz Dog

What is a spitz dog? If you stumbled on this term before, you may have been wondering what is a spitz dog, and what are the main characteristics of spitz dogs. Spitz dogs are fascinating animals who share similar characteristics which throughout their history made them particularly suitable for the environment and climate in which they originated.