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Dogs Menopause

Ask the Vet: Do Dogs Go in Menopause?

Whether dogs go in menopause is a good question. This question makes sense after all, since women go into menopause when they reach a certain age. So what about dogs? Veterinarian Dr. Ivana discusses whether dogs go in menopause and provides other important information.

dog drinking water

Why is My Dog Vomiting After Drinking Water?

A dog vomiting after drinking water requires attention considering that it can be a sign of a medical problem. The problem should not be ignored considering that, if your dog is vomiting after drinking, your dog is likely not getting enough fluids to keep himself hydrated. It's therefore important finding out the underlying cause of your dog's vomiting.


Understanding the Puppy Imprinting Process

The puppy imprinting process is very important. As a breeder, on top of raising a healthy batch of puppies, it is your job to ensure that your puppies are well socialized before going to their new homes. Discover what the imprinting process is and how it benefits your pups.

Dachshunds with their long backs are the poster child for IVDD.

Dog Pinched Nerve Home Treatment

If you're looking for dog pinched nerve treatment, most likely your dog sustained an injury to his neck or spine. A dog's body is an amazing machine, and what's even more amazing is its capacity to heal, especially when it comes to nerve regeneration, the ability for nerves to heal and repair themselves.


7 Tips For Dog Separation Anxiety

These tips for dog separation anxiety should help your dog, but it's only for mild cases. More severe cases often require the intervention of a veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist considering that they may need medications to be used along with behavior modification.