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Dog Behavior

Dog Fearful

Why are Some Dogs Afraid of Lamb Meat?

Some dogs are afraid of lamb meat and the behavior may surely appear peculiar to many dog owners across the globe. What's going on with these dogs? And most of all, what can be done to help a dog who has developed a phobia of lamb meat? Discover what may be causing a fear of lamb meat in dogs.


Why Do Dogs Lick People's Mouths?

Many dogs lick people's mouths and many dog owners may be wondering why dogs engage in this peculiar behavior. While we may interpret this as "doggy kisses," sometimes, in order to better understand dog behavior, it often helps to step away from our human perspective and tune into Planet Dog instead.

dog rain

7 Ways Rain Affects Your Dog's Behavior

Rain affects your dog's behavior in many ways. Dogs are animals that are very in tune with their surroundings. The weather can impact them in many ways. Snow, fog, rain and wind are all known to cause changes in dogs. Discover several ways that rain impacts your dog.