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There are many dog breeds that come with cute nicknames, and there is one dog breed in particular that is known as the "grey ghost."

Is this dog breed called this way because it has the mind of Houdini, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye?

Is there some sort of mysterious ghostly legend surrounding this dog breed?

Or perhaps, does this dog breed have some characteristic that makes it resemble somewhat a grey ghost?

With Halloween around the corner, we thought to dedicate this trivia to the dog breed affectionately referred to as the "grey ghost" so can you guess today's trivia question?

Which Dog Breed is Nicknamed the "Grey Ghost?"

Is it:

A The Weimaraner?

B The Irish Wolfhound?

C The Italian Greyhound?

D The Siberian Husky?

The Correct Answer is: Drum Roll Please...


The Correct Answer is A, the Weimaraner.

 Why are Weimaraners Nicknamed the Grey Ghost?

The Weimaraner dog breed dates back to the 19th century when they made prized hunting dogs for the Nobles of Weimar, a city in Thuringia, Germany. Back then, Weims were used to hunt down a variety of big game including deer, wolves and bear.

When Germany's forests though started thinning out in the latter half on the century, big game started becoming more and more scarce, and therefore these versatile dogs were converted into successful bird dogs who also came handy for hunting down the occasional rabbit or fox.

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If you're looking for the stop on a dog's head, you'll need to look at the head correctly and have a dog breed blessed with this feature.

Today, Weims make loyal companions who thrive in homes that can provide them all the exercise and all mental stimulation they crave.

So why are Weimaraners called Grey Ghosts? Here are three good reasons.

1) That Ghostly Coat

Also known as the silver ghost, the Weimaraner has attained his ghost nickname from the appearance of the coat.

The coat of the Weimaraner indeed is of a ghostly grey, that reminds people of ghosts. This grey color of the coat is indeed a staple of the breed, one of the traits that makes it easily recognizable.

According to the American Kennel Club, standard, the Weimaraner comes in a coat that that is short, smooth and sleek ranging from mouse-grey to silver grey.

And gray it must be....Only a white spot on the chest is permitted and any presence of a distinctly blue or black coat is means for disqualification.

2) Those Ghostly Eyes

OK, let's face it, a Weimarener's spooky looking eyes also play a role in this breed ghost-like reputation.

Indeed, this dog breed has some unique colored eyes that are rarely seen in other dogs. The American Kennel Club depicts them as having "shades of light amber, gray or blue-gray."

Another interesting characteristic that makes these dogs even more "spooky" is the fact that when the pupils are dilated in this breed as when excited "the eyes may appear almost black" as explained in the American Kennel Club breed standard.

The ghostly grey coat has contributed to the Weimaraner's nickname  

The ghostly grey coat has contributed to the Weimaraner's nickname  

3) That Stealthy Hunter

Another trait of the Weimaraner that's ghost-like, is this breed's hunting style. Hunters describe the Weimaraner as being "stealthy and catlike."

Weimaraners belong to the category of hunt, point and retrieve gun dog breeds, all-around dogs who are particularly versatile in getting all the job done.

The American Kennel Club describes Weimaraners as dogs blessed with grace, speed, stamina and alertness who tend to work with great speed and endurance in the field. When it comes to gait, these dogs move around effortlessly with smooth coordination.

Did you know? Weimaraners tend to bond a whole lot with their owners, following them around like shadows and sometimes even to the point of developing separation anxiety. This has granted them a second nickname: "The Velcro Dogs."


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