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Discover 6 Reasons Why Dogs Hate Having Their Feet Touched

Many dogs hate having their feet touched, to the point of turning nail trims into a nightmare. Discover several possible reasons behind your dog's paw-touching phobia.

Dog Running in Circles

Why Do Dogs Have Floating Shoulders?

Discover why dogs have floating shoulders, and why this name is a bit of a misnomer!

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Xoloitzcuintli: The Dog of The Day of the Dead

The Xoloitzcuintli is the dog of the day of the dead, but what makes this breed so relevant to this ancient holiday? Discover the role they played in Dia de los Muertos.

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How Many Diseases Do Dogs and Humans Have in Common?

There are many diseases that dogs and humans have in common. So much so that, dogs are often involved in research for better cures.

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Discovering the Flying Trot in Dogs

The flying trot in dogs is something you may have never heard about. Discover more about the flying trot in dogs and which dogs are notorious for exhibiting it.

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The Three Different Types of Dog Heads (Skulls)

There are three different types of dog heads (skulls). Discover more about them and how they impact your dog.

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Do Dogs Like Salty Skin?

Whether dogs like salty skin is something many dog owners may wonder about. Until dogs can talk, we can only make some assumptions. Discover what we know so far.

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Where is the Stop on a Dog's Head?

If you're looking for the stop on a dog's head, you'll need to look at the head correctly and have a dog breed blessed with this feature.


Discovering The Haggerty Dot in Boston Terriers

The Haggerty dog in Boston terriers is an intriguing trait that is unique to this breed. Discover more about this interesting facial marking.

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Do All Dogs Have an Occiput?

Whether all dogs have an occiput is something that many dog owners may be wondering about. Yes, we're talking about that prominent bump on a dog's head.

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Why Do Dogs Bite Other Dog's Ears?

If your dog bites other dog's ears, you may be wondering what may be going on. Discover why dogs may bite each others' ears and what you can do about it.

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Why Are My Dog's Teeth Chattering After Sniffing?

If your dog's teeth are chattering after sniffing, most likely he has encountered some interesting scent. Not all dogs chatter their teeth, and this behavior may be more common in intact male dogs.

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What are Dog Appeasing Pheromones?

Dog appeasing pheromones are special pheromones that are secreted by lactating mother dogs. These special pheromones have calming effects on newborn puppies up until they are close to being weaned.

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Why Does My Dog Like My Girlfriend/Boyfriend More?

If your dog likes your girlfriend/boyfriend more, you may be upset from such preferential selection. As upsetting as this may sound, there may be several good reasons why Rover shows his preferences, but don't get upset by it.

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Why Do Dogs Do the "Kill Shake?"

If you're wondering why dogs do the kill shake, you most likely witnessed the behavior several times in your beloved companion. So what's up with dogs who grab toys and shake their head vigorously? Discover what's really going on.

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Discover 12 Official State Dogs

Did you know? There are 12 States that have designated an official State dog. Following are several States that have elected their own State Dog. Is your State one of them? Let's discover.


Research Reveals Why Dogs Have Cold Noses

Discovering why dogs have cold noses can help us better understand our canine companions. Back in time, we used to think that a dog's wet nose was a sign of health, while a dry one was a sign of a sickly dog, but nowadays, we know better.

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Discovering The Anatomy of Dog Paws

The anatomy of your dog's paws is worthy of discovering. Don't just takes those paws for granted, rather, be thankful for the many great functions they carry!

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Do Muzzles Stop Dogs From Being Aggressive?

Whether muzzles stop dogs from being aggressive is a good question. After all, all aggressive dogs should be muzzle trained so to prevent potentially harmful bites. However, just because your dog can't bite doesn't make him less aggressive.

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What Does a Hard Stare Mean in Dogs?

A fixed, hard stare in dogs is something to be aware of. You may notice it in some specific situations where your dog is particularly aroused by something. Pay attention to when it happens so that you can take action, even better, intervene *before* your dog shows a fixed, hard stare.


What Does it Mean for a Dog to "Honor The Point?"

A dog honoring the point, may sound like something quite complex, but in the world of hunting dogs, this term is quite popular. Discover what honoring means in dogs and the importance of a dog honoring another dog's point.

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Why Do Intact Male Dogs Sniff So Much?

Intact male dogs sniff so much because their powerful noses were crafted for several important purposes. A closer insight into the many fascinating functions of a dog's sniffer can help reveal more about our dogs' behaviors.

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Why Do Dogs Cross Their Legs? Explanations and When You Should Worry

When dogs cross their legs, the behavior often grants some giggles as we're not used to seeing dogs engaging in this posture. However, don't be surprised if you see many dogs crossing their legs on social media- this is a trick that dogs can be easily taught to do.

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Dental Disarming: Should You Remove an Aggressive Dog's Canine Teeth?

Removing a dog's canine teeth, also known as "dental disarming," or more precisely "defanging," is a procedure usually carried out in aggressive dogs in hopes of limiting the damage they can cause by biting. Discover what professionals have to say about this procedure.

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Play Bow Versus Prey Bow in Dogs: Can You Spot the Differences?

Knowing the difference between a play bow and a prey bow in dogs can help you better understand your canine companion. After all, not all bows in dogs are created equally. There are bows and bows in the dog world!

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Does Your Dog Do the "Greeting Stretch?"

The greeting stretch in dogs is something that you may be already familiar with, but you just didn't happen to know this behavior had such a cutesy name. Discover more about greeting stretches in dogs and what they mean.

dog destroy toy

Do Dogs Think Their Toys are Alive?

Whether dogs think their toys are alive, is an interesting question. After all, they chase them around in the same fashion as they do with birds and other small critters. Until the day dogs can talk, we can only make assumptions.

fox hunting

Do Dogs Get Attacked By Foxes?

Yes, dogs can get attacked by foxes, although it is not very common. Foxes usually are quite solitary animals, but if a dog manages to approach or attack them, they will react defensively, and this could mean a bite.

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Four Ways Dogs May React to Your Negative Mood

There are several different ways dogs may react to your negative mood. After all, this is not surprising. Dogs are very in tune to our emotions and most dog owners have some story about how their dogs have reacted to their feelings.

Dog Upset Stomach After Eating Poop

How Many Taste Buds Do Dogs Have?

Knowing how many taste buds dogs have will allow you to learn more about your canine companion and can also help you understand his behavior better. Dogs share many anatomical features with humans, but they are also built in several different ways. Discover how many taste buds dog have and how this influences their behavior.

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Tending, The Art of Dogs Acting as Live Fences

Tending, the art of dogs acting as live fences, is something you may have never heard about, but it's interesting discovering more about this herding style in dogs.

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Discovering 5 Dog Muscular System Facts

Your dog's muscular system is a fascinating work of art that is worthy of discovering. Not only will you discover fascinating facts about your dog's muscles, but also some interesting facts about your own muscles because dog muscles and human muscles share several commonalities.

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Fascinating Facts About a Dog's Eyelids

These facts about a dog's eyelids will fascinate you. Just as it happens in humans, a dogs' eyelids aren't there just for decoration. The eyes are very important for survival purposes and therefore it makes sense for them to need as much protection as possible.


Do Dogs Have a Voice Box?

Whether dogs have a voice box is ultimately an interesting question. This is because dogs, unlike humans, do not talk and therefore one may assume they do not need a specialized structure to produce voice. However, dogs bark, so it makes sense for them to have a structure that allows them to bark.

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Discovering the Salish Wool Dog

You may have never heard about the Salish wool dog, but this is not surprising considering that this dog is now extinct. Regardless, it is still interesting learning more about this dog and discovering what traits made them particularly appealing.

adam's apple

Do Dogs Have an Adam's Apple?

Whether dogs have an Adam's Apple is an interesting question. Dogs and humans share a variety of body parts and traits, but there are some pieces of anatomy that can be quite different. Let's therefore discover whether dogs have an Adam's Apple.


Do Wheaten Terriers Like to Bark?

Whether wheaten terriers like to bark is something prospective owners may want to inquire about before committing to this breed. Knowledge is ultimately power, and it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of carefully evaluating the traits commonly seen in certain dog breeds to see whether they fit together well with our lifestyles.


Discovering Amber Eyes in Dogs

Amber eyes in dogs are attractive, considering that they are only found in a handful of dog breeds. Indeed, most dog breeds are known for sporting brown eyes. Let's discover how amber eyes look like in dogs and what dog breeds are blessed with amber eyes.


Can Dogs Be Nearsighted?

Whether dogs are nearsighted may be something difficult to prove considering that, unlike humans, dogs can't read eye charts. However, there are other methods that can be employed instead of relying on standard human vision tests.

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Research Unveils Whether Dogs Smell Their Own Urine

Whether dogs smell their own urine is an interesting query that is worthy of investigating. Dogs are fascinating creatures, they live in a world of smells which makes us wonder how they must perceive the world around them. New research frequently unveils interesting findings on a dog's ability to smell, let's discover the latest!


Discovering How Dogs React to Fog

How dogs react to fog is an interesting query considering how fog envelops everything and how dogs are prone to use their powerful senses to explore the world around them. In order to better understand how dogs react to fog, it therefore helps better understanding how fog works and how it impacts dogs.

dog nose dripping

Why Do Wet Dog Noses Smell Better?

Wet dog noses smell better simply because of how odor molecules respond to moisture. This is of course the short answer. The longer answer requires us to discover how a dog's nose works and how odor molecules react to when they meet a dog's wet nose.


Discovering the Bernese Mountain Dog's Coat

The Bernese mountain dog is blessed with a heavy coat that requires some extra care. If you are planning on adopting a puppy or dog of this breed, it's important knowing more about the characteristics of this dog's coat and what type of care it needs. So let's discover more about the Bernese Mountain dog's coat!


Discovering Calming Signals in Dogs

Calming signals in dogs were studied in depth by a Norwegian dog trainer who dedicated an entire book on this topic. As the name implies, calming signals are behaviors that are carried out by dogs with the intent to reduce tension and therefore pacify a potentially tense situation. Dogs have been known to display calming signals both towards humans and other dog


Do Dogs Fall Off Cliffs?

Yes, dogs fall off cliffs and these accidents aren't even uncommon. As we hike with our dogs, we may sometimes overestimate our dog's senses. We may take for granted that dogs naturally know what areas to avoid to prevent falls. However, the number of dogs who fall off from cliffs each year, proves to us that it makes perfect sense to protect them from a potentially life threatening fall.


Ask a Dog Trainer: What Does Dopamine Do to Dogs?

Knowing what dopamine does to dogs can help you better understand your dog and how this chemical impacts his life. As you discover how dopamine impacts your dog's life, you will also come to discover how it impact yours. Yes, we are all impacted by this neurotransmitter, and actually as you are reading this you will have a small surge of dopamine release.


Yes, Dogs Can Be Introverted or Extroverted, Here are the Signs

Whether dogs can be introverted or extroverted is something that has many dog owners wondering about. To gain a better insight, it helps to firstly discover what being an introvert ultimately entails and what happens exactly in the brain of an introvert. With this knowledge in mind, it is then possible to make a more accurate assessment.


How to Tell if a Dog is Microchipped

To tell if a dog is microchipped you will need to know where the microchip is located and what types of scanners are needed to detect them. Veterinarian Dr. Sara Ochoa shares where the microchip is typically found, whether it can if be felt by dog owners, how it may travel at times and what can be done for complicated cases where the microchip migrates.


Discovering The Real Reason Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

Dogs wag their tails because they use their tails to communicate. This is the most simple and short explanation. The longer explanation entails ultimately understanding how dog tails work and how dogs use their tails to send olfactory information for other dogs to pick up. Understanding the scientific reason why dogs wag their tails is fascinating to discover so let's delve deeper into the real function of tail wagging.


Ask the Vet: Can You Cut a Dog's Whiskers?

Whether you can can cut a dog's whiskers is something that you may be wondering about and it's a great question considering that those whiskers aren't there just for decoration. Whiskers in dogs have various functions and losing them may feel unsettling to dogs.