Why Do Dogs Hate Kisses?

Dogs hate kisses for the simple fact that kissing is something that dogs don't normally do. Sure, we have all seen the scene of two dogs kissing in a famous Disney movie by slurping on a piece of spaghetti until their lips touched, but real kisses are a whole different story. Actually, to say it bluntly, if we put ourselves into our dog's shoes, dogs seem to have an opposite view of kissing compared to humans.


Why Do Dogs Like Having Their Ears Rubbed?

Dogs love having their ears rubbed for the simple fact that they enjoy the feeling along with the interaction with their owner. Of course, this is just the short answer. To better understand why dogs love having their ears rubbed we must take a closer look into how dogs think and how their bodies respond to touch.


Why Do Dogs Not See in Front of Them?

Dogs do not see in front of them for the simple fact that they really don't have a great need for this feature. Mother Nature always knew best what to do when it comes to equipping living beings with body parts.


Why Do Dogs See Better in the Dark?

Dogs see better in the dark because Mother Nature has gifted dogs with eyes that are purposely crafted with their survival in mind. While most dogs nowadays are fed in shiny bowls and wear fancy collars studded with rhinestones, they still retain several features that were meant to help their ancestors hunt and scavenge with success.