Dog Discoveries

Why Does My Dog Like to Run Away?

  Let’s face it: a dog who likes to run away can make you feel as if you or your home aren’t attractive enough and you may somewhat feel betrayed by your dog’s running away behavior. You might also feel a bit offended especially when you think of dogs being depicted as loyal companions who … Read more

Dog Ear Shapes and Types

  There’s no shadow of doubt that by tinkering with genetics, humans have made the dog the most varied species on earth, a practice leading to different body sizes, coat colors and even different types of ear shapes. Interestingly, in the world of dogs, there’s much more than erect ears and pendulous ears which are … Read more

Read This if Your Dog Eats Bugs

  We already know that dogs tend to eat the most odd things they encounter so it’s not surprising if they’re also interested in catching and eating bugs. With summer in full swing, the yard may be populated by a variety of bugs, it’s therefore not unusual for dogs to be attracted by their movements … Read more

How Much Do Dogs Sleep On Average?

  Let’s face it, we might never find our dogs with bags under their eyes, but dogs, just like us, need their daily dose of beauty sleep. How many hours do dogs sleep on average? There’s ultimately no real standard time frame, as each dog is an individual. Puppies, adult dogs, older dogs and different breeds … Read more

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