Dog Discoveries

What is a Topknot for Dogs?

  In the world of dogs, there is a wide array of colorful terms and the word “topknot” is surely one of them. You might have never heard about this term, or perhaps you heard it and are unsure of what it means. Or even better, perhaps you never heard the word ” dog topknot’” … Read more

What Breed of Dog Hunts Truffles?

  There are dogs bred to search explosives, dogs bred to search illegal drugs and then you have dogs bred to search for truffles. Truffles might not be too popular in the United States, but they are quite popular in Europe such as in countries like Italy and France. And for sake of clarity, when we … Read more

What is a Pathological Bone Fracture in Dogs?

  When it comes to bone fractures in dogs, there are several types. Fractures seen in dogs can be categorized into two main categories: open and closed fractures. The term open fracture refers to fractures that communicate with outside. In other words, the broken bone penetrates through the skin and is exposed. Closed fractures instead … Read more

What is Dog Ear Plucking?

  Among the variety of procedures dogs undergo, ear plucking is one that is often a subject of controversy, with some people suggesting its use and others frowning upon it. Not all dogs need ear plucking, there are certain dog breeds that it is believed need it more than others. But what exactly is ear plucking? … Read more

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