Dog Discoveries

I am Your Dog’s Gracilis Muscle

  You might have never heard about a dog’s gracilis muscle, but this muscle is one that certain dog owners may never forget about once their dog develops problems with it. Just as in humans, a dog’s body is made of several muscles which allow force and motion. It is thanks to your dog’s muscles … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Gums

  Unless your dog is yawning, you dog’s gums are for the most part hidden from plain view, but just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they are a part of your dog’s body that you should neglect! “Out of sight, out of mind” is a saying that shouldn’t apply to your dog’s gums. Forget … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Chest

  Unless you are in the dog show business spending lots of time studying conformation, you may have never paid particular attention to your dog’s chest. Perhaps you may have found yourself occasionally taking measurements of your dog’s chest (girth) when shopping for a harness or you may have seen your vet listening to your … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Carpal Bones

  Among the variety of bones your dog has, the carpal bones are particularly important, and something to be aware of especially if you are the owner of a performance dog who is engaged in various doggy sports. Your dog’s carpal bones are known for forming several joints. A joint is simply the place where two … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Amygdala

  Among the various structures of the brain, your dog’s amygdala plays a primary role in the way your dog interacts with the world. Your dog’s brain is ultimately the boss of his body and it cannot be denied that it runs the show, controlling everything your dog does even when he’s deep asleep curled … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Meninges

  Your dog’s meninges are structures your dog may hopefully never have a problem with, but as with other dog body parts, there are always some fascinating things to discover. For instance, did you know that your dog’s brain, on top of being protected by the skull, is also protected by several layers of tissue? … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Prostate Gland

  The dog’s body shares several similarities with humans and therefore it’s not surprising for dogs to also have a prostate gland. Of course, prostate glands are only present in male dogs, and just as in humans, it has reproductive purposes. Also, just like in humans, dogs also share some disorders that affect their prostate … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Ribs

  Your dog’s ribs are what provide structure and shape to his chest cavity along with important protection for many vital organs. You might not really pay much attention to your dog’s ribs, but you may have noticed at some time the rise and fall of your dog’s rib cage when your dog inhales and … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Thyroid Gland

  Your dog’s thyroid gland is a neat little masterpiece that’s responsible for many functions. Among the thyroid gland’s functions one of the most important and well known is its ability in regulating the dog’s metabolism by producing thyroid hormones. Any disruption in this gland’s correct functioning may result in several complications that may affect a … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Mast Cells

Your dog’s immune system is always working around the clock to keep your dog protected from insidious diseases. In particular, white blood cells, the cells of your dog’s immune system, play the role of soldiers actively protecting the fortress (your dog’s body) against infectious diseases and foreign invaders. Mast cells, even though having a bad rap … Read more

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