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The Samoyed smile, also affectionately known as the Sammy Smile, is one of the most recognizable features of the breed. It's a perpetual smile that can be attributed to the dog's upturned mouth corners. Let's discover more about it!

On top of having a striking appearance, with a beautiful fluffy white coat, this dog breed boasts a natural smile giving it a characteristic expression that is difficult to forget. 

Interestingly, despite these dog's adorableness, the "smiley" trait isn't there by chance. In fact, this breed's upturned corners of the mouth were intentionally created for a valid reason. Read on to discover the reason why these are blessed with such a happy and fun expression on their face. 

Why is the Samoyed Always Smiling?

As mentioned, the Samoyed's upturned mouth corners which so closely resemble a smile, aren't there just for decoration. 

Rather, this trait was selectively bred for to keep the breed from drooling. While most dogs drool without any problems, this trait is more problematic in areas with a cold climate as the drool would quickly turn into icicles!

This is why Samoyeds are commonly called "the smiling sled dogs."

It's quite easy to make these jolly dogs happy!

It's quite easy to make these jolly dogs happy!

What Makes Samoyeds Happy?

A Samoyed's personality is a great asset, as they are friendly, affectionate dogs who are particularly friendly towards children. 

Even though the upward curve in their makes them appear as if they are always smiling, this jolly breed with a glass half-full attitude toward life has many things to be naturally happy about. Here are just a few things that will make a Samoyed's day.

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1) Having Room to Roam

Samoyed are energetic dogs with a history as working dogs, so they need space to roam and romp. They don't make good condo or apartment dogs. A spacious yard is a must to keep them happy and healthy. 

2) Having Opportunities to Play

Samoyeds are very playful dogs who hate to sit around, but thrive on daily walks, games and exercise. Your Samoyed will be extra happy if you can provide opportunities for vigorous outdoor exercise, especially in cold weather considering the fact that they're spitz dogs!

3) Being With Their Family

Being near their family is something the Samoyed strongly desire, so if you don't work long hours and provide sufficient companionship to satisfy this breed's sociable nature, this dog will be extra happy.

4) Having Guests Over

Many Samoyeds are eager to meet and greet guests as the door. On average, they make poor guard dogs, meaning that they will enthusiastically greet just about anybody over and throw a big party, bouncing around happily and jumping. 

While Samoyeds don't make great guard dogs due their friendly demeanors, they make excellent watch dogs announcing the arrival of guests with their happy barking. 

5) Being Groomed

If you get your Samoyed puppy used to being groomed from a young age and create positive associations with it, you'll be blessed with a dog who will sit still and happily enjoy having his coat groomed. 

6) Having Children Around 

Well-socialized Samoyeds tend to be happy to be around children. This likely stems from their past when they were used to herd reindeer. 

It is said that, after a day of work, the Siberian Samoyede opened their homes to their Samoyeds allowing them to interact with children and even keeping them warm at night. 

7) Getting Your Attention

And then you have Samoyeds who will be super happy and will do anything just for a little ounce of attention. This means they may be willing to put up with wearing hats and glasses and act comfortable in it just because you make them feel so special when they wear them!

Did you know? There's another dog breed known for smiling, and that breed is nicknamed the "Smiling Dutchman." Discover more about this breed here: what breed is the smiling Dutchman?

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