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Knowing whether miniature schnauzers are hyper is something perspective dog owners may wonder about.

 The answer as with many things "dog-related" is that it ultimately depends as there are several individual factors to consider. 

Even among a litter of puppies of the same breed, there can be individual variances between the energy levels of one puppy and another. 

Some miniature schnauzer can be high energy and quite feisty, while others are almost opposite being much calmer and sweet almost as if dealing with a totally different breed!

The History and Purpose of the Breed

Schnauzers were selectively bred to be all-around farm dogs in Germany. Their tasks included catching rats, alerting the presence of intruders, guarding property and simply being loyal family companions. 

As time went by, farmers then decided to breed the regular-sized schnauzer into a smaller, more compact size to make this breed for suitable for hunting down rats in warehouses and granaries. 

 This was accomplished by breeding schnauzers with other smaller breeds such as the Miniature Pinscher, Affenpinscher, and perhaps even the miniature Poodle or Pomeranian. 

It is also possible that they were bred down in size by crossing with the smallest specimens of the Standard Schnauzer.

Interestingly, placement of the schnauzer's beard and thick eyebrows aren't just there for decoration. Hunting down rats wasn't risk-free and that extra hair allowed protection from the a rodent's bites and scratches. 

Did you know? In Germany, this breed is known as " Zwergschnauzer" which simply means "dwarf Schnauzer."

The schnauzer's beard, bushy whiskers and thick "eyebrows" help protect the face, but also gives this breed its distinctive look. 

The schnauzer's beard, bushy whiskers and thick "eyebrows" help protect the face, but also gives this breed its distinctive look. 

The Temperament of The Miniature Schnauzer

The American Kennel Club standard describes the miniature Schnauzer as being a robust, active dog of the terrier type. This breed is expected to be "alert and spirited, yet obedient to command. "

On top of this, miniature Schnauzers are expected to be friendly, intelligent and willing to please. There should be no signs of this dog being overaggressive or timid. 

The Fédération cynologique internationale (FCI) instead describes the miniature Schnauzer as being intelligent, fearless and alert, qualities that makes this breed an agreeable house dog, watch dog and companion, which can be even kept in a small apartment without problems. 

As family dogs, miniature schnauzers love being around their family and can turn into velcro dogs, accompanying their owners even for bathroom trips. 

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Are Miniature Schnauzers Hyper? 

Despite weighing between 9 and 17 pounds on average, miniature Schnauzers aren't lap dogs who would rest on your lap or cozy pillow and act cute all day. 

With a history of being selectively bred as ratters and all-around farm dogs, it makes sense for these dogs to be blessed with a good amount of energy so to carry out all these tasks. 

A miniature schnauzer will therefore be happiest when provided with some activities that will keep their brains and bodies busy.  With no outlets for their energy to be burned off, they will otherwise be prone to getting destructive. 

They'll therefore find their own "hobbies" and pastimes which may entail digging in the yard, barking at triggers (they take their watchdog duties very seriously)  and tearing up papers or shoes. 

Schnauzers may also get very excited when greeting owners or seeing other dogs on walks. They may emit a high-pitched squealing bark that can be quite shrill.

Despite weighing between 9 and 17 pounds on average, miniature Schnauzers aren't lap dogs who would rest on your lap all day.

Despite weighing between 9 and 17 pounds on average, miniature Schnauzers aren't lap dogs who would rest on your lap all day.

Choosing the Perfect Companion

As mentioned, there can be quite some variability among specimens of this breed, even among the same litter. 

While it's true that you can perhaps make an educated guess on what to expect in a puppy by looking at the energy levels of it parents, this is just a guess as genes are like a deck of poker cards which can always contain a "wild card."

At what age do miniature schnauzers calm dogs? If you want to go for a puppy, consider that puppy hood and a good amount of the doggy adolescence stage will be trying times when dogs are more hyper. 

Then, as they mature (usually around the age of 2-3 years old), they may settle down a bit, although some remain sassy up into their senior years. 

If having a miniature schnauzer who is at the lower end of energy is crucial to you, your best bet can be going with an adult from a rescue group. This way, you'll be saving a precious life and at the same, you will be lowering your chances for the unexpected. 

Activities to Keep Miniature Schnauzers Busy 

With a dog breed blessed with a spunky and spirited personality, it is obvious that the miniature schnauzer will need to keep that body and brain busy. Below are several fun activities.

Being that miniature schnauzers should always be happy and eager to accompany you, going on a fun walk, is a great activity. You can make walks more intriguing by encouraging sniffing and doing some training along the way. 

Miniature schnauzers may also appreciate playing fetch. With their history of chasing rats, chasing a ball allows them a good outlet for their natural prey drive. 

With high intelligence and eagerness to do things, you'll find that your miniature schnauzer will love to work out solutions. Offer him fun food puzzles and brain games to keep his mind busy and stimulated. 

Training is also very appreciated in this breed. It's not a coincidence that many schnauzers are always bringing home some ribbons and titles from the obedience ring. They are particularly adept at training as long as you are clear and consistent. 

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