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What Do Saint Bernards Carry in Their Barrel?

If you're wondering what Saint Bernard dogs carry in their barrel, most likely you have felt intrigued about those kegs often seen attached to the neck in these dogs. Discover why there's no good answer to this question.

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Study Reveals Why Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Short Lifespans

It's a sad fact that Bernese Mountain dogs have such short lifespans, but why is that? Studies reveal several potential causes for early deaths.

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Are Great Pyrenees Protective of Their Owners?

Great Pyrenees are livestock guardians, and therefore have strong protective instincts. Some Great Pyrenees may become protective of their owners to the point of manifesting concerning behaviors.

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Discovering the Flying Trot in Dogs

The flying trot in dogs is something you may have never heard about. Discover more about the flying trot in dogs and which dogs are notorious for exhibiting it.


Discovering The Haggerty Dot in Boston Terriers

The Haggerty dog in Boston terriers is an intriguing trait that is unique to this breed. Discover more about this interesting facial marking.

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What's Special About Greyhound Blood?

Greyhounds are pretty unique dogs and even their bloodwork is special. Discover what's so special about a greyhound's bloodwork and how it impacts them.

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Do Treeing Walker Coonhounds Run Away?

Knowing whether treeing walker coonhounds run away is important if you are planning to adopt a dog of this breed. Discover whether these dogs are escape artists and what you can do to prevent escaping

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Discovering The History of the Whippet Dog Breed

The history of the whippet dog breed is surely interesting. These dogs were bred with speed in mind, considering the role they were selectively bred for.

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Samoyed, the Dog Breed Known For Smiling

There's a dog breed known for smiling, and that dog breed is the Samoyed. You don't stumble on these dogs too often, but when you do, they'll likely leave a strong impression.

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Discovering the English Shepherd Dog Breed

The English shepherd dog breed is a highly intelligent dog breed with a history of being used for herding. Originating from several crossings done by English and Scottish settlers, it is thanks to these farmers that we can nowadays enjoy these wonderful dogs on USA soil.


At What Age is a Labrador a Teenager?

If you're wondering at what age a Labrador is a teenager, most likely you are worried about when it's going to happen or perhaps you are already in the midst of the full-blown cyclone and wondering how long it lasts. Not surprisingly, this is the phase that most Labrador owners struggle with.

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Why Does My Chihuahua Have a Hole in Its Head?

If your Chihuahua has a hole in its head, you are likely worried about it. However, chances are, that hole is nothing major to worry about. Indeed, even the Chihuahua's breed standard mentions about this incomplete ossification of the bones in a Chihuahua's head.

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Discovering the Salish Wool Dog

You may have never heard about the Salish wool dog, but this is not surprising considering that this dog is now extinct. Regardless, it is still interesting learning more about this dog and discovering what traits made them particularly appealing.


Facts About the Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed

These fascinating facts about the Finnish Lapphund dog breed will entertain you and perhaps even make you crave getting one of these beautiful dogs one day.

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Are Norwegian Elkhounds Hunting Dogs?

Knowing whether Norwegian elkhounds are hunting dogs can be an important piece of information for a potential new owner interested in this breed. Hunting dogs have many appealing traits, but some of them can turn problematic in the wrong household.


The Rottweiler Teenager Stage (8 to 24 Months Old)

The Rottweiler teenager phase can sweep through like a tornado, finding you puzzled and unprepared. Not surprisingly, this is the phase that most Rottweiler owners struggle with. Right when your Rottweiler puppy got potty trained and was starting to be responsive to you, comes the teenager phases with its turbulent heap of challenges.


Do Wheaten Terriers Like to Bark?

Whether wheaten terriers like to bark is something prospective owners may want to inquire about before committing to this breed. Knowledge is ultimately power, and it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of carefully evaluating the traits commonly seen in certain dog breeds to see whether they fit together well with our lifestyles.


What Dog Breed is Nicknamed "the Poorman's Race Horse?"

A dog breed nicknamed "the poor man's race horse", as implied, must involve some type of dog that was fast enough to earn the title of race horse. Based on this information, one must imagine that it must be some sort of sight hound, but which one will it be?


Discovering Amber Eyes in Dogs

Amber eyes in dogs are attractive, considering that they are only found in a handful of dog breeds. Indeed, most dog breeds are known for sporting brown eyes. Let's discover how amber eyes look like in dogs and what dog breeds are blessed with amber eyes.


Discovering the Bernese Mountain Dog's Coat

The Bernese mountain dog is blessed with a heavy coat that requires some extra care. If you are planning on adopting a puppy or dog of this breed, it's important knowing more about the characteristics of this dog's coat and what type of care it needs. So let's discover more about the Bernese Mountain dog's coat!


Discovering Different Types of Setter Dog Breeds

There are different types of setter dog breeds out there and each of them are blessed with their own unique characteristics. There are setters and setters in the dog world! Discover the different types of setters and what sets them apart so that you become a pro in identifying them.


Are Miniature Schnauzers Hyper?

To better understand whether miniature schnauzers are hyper it helps to take a closer look into this breed's history and purpose. Of course, as with all dogs, no general rules are written in stone when it come to temperament. You may find some specimens who are more energetic and others who are more on the mellow side.


Discovering the Chesapeake Bay Retriever's Coat

The Chesapeake Bay retriever's coat is quite unique in many ways. To better understand why this breed was blessed with such unique coat amenities, it helps to firstly take a look at what this breed was selectively bred for. Turns out, the coat complements this breed's honorable work in the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay.


Why Do Spaniels Chase Birds?

Many spaniels chase birds, and they sure seem to chase birds with a passion. What's up with these dogs? In order to better understand this behavior, it helps to take a look back into this breed's history and its primary reason for being selectively bred. Discover what made spaniels the special dogs they are, and most importantly, what tasks they were bred to carry out.


Why Do Corgis Bark So Much?

Corgis bark so much for the simple reason that they were selectively bred to use their barking back in time when they made wonderful all-around farm dogs. Corgis are therefore very vocal companions using their barks to communicate a variety of emotions. Forearmed is forewarned goes the saying, so any time you are interesting in opening your heart and home to a specific dog breed, it helps to conduct some research so to have a general idea on what to expect.


Why Do Border Collies Bite Children?

Border collies bite children often due to driving instincts that were deeply inculcating in this dog after years of selective breeding. In order to understand this behavior, it helps to take a glimpse back into this breed's history as a herder of sheep in the Anglo-Scottish border.


Science Explains Why Some Dog Breeds Have Floppy Ears

Some dog breeds have floppy ears for the simple fact that they were selectively bred to be that way. Dogs are one of the most varied species of mammals on the face of earth. Indeed, dogs have been selectively bred to be so tiny to fit into purses and so large to almost compete with a pony. Floppy ears are just another trait that has been passed down from one generation to another in certain dog breeds.


Why Do Dog Ears Get Cropped?

Dog ears get cropped mostly because it's a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. Many breed standards for specific breeds require dog ears to be cropped. In some dog breeds having cropped ears is so important that uncropped ears are strongly frowned upon and even means for disqualification in the show ring.


What Dog Breed is Known as "The Butterfly Dog?"

A dog breed known as "the butterfly dog" sounds very intriguing. You want wonder what type of dog breed shares something with a butterfly, and your mind may go blank. Turns out, there is a particular dog breed that boats a characteristic trait that reminds us of butterflies.


Why Does My Border Collie Hate Other Dogs?

If your border collie hates other dogs, rest assured you are not alone. Many border collie owners deal with this issue and often have a hard time walking their dogs in areas frequented by other dogs. Fortunately, there are several effective methods to use in order to work on this issue.


Dog Breeds With Spectacles (Wearing "Glasses!")

There are dog breeds with spectacles, but the term "spectacles" may sound a bit peculiar, especially when it comes to dogs. What do spectacles have to do with dogs? The last time we checked, dogs didn't wear eyeglasses! Well, it turns out the term spectacles is used to depict a certain type of facial marking that's present in two distinctive dog breeds.


Why Do Border Collies Nip or Bite?

Border collies nip or bite simply because they have a mouth adorned with pearly white teeth. That's the obvious answer to this question, but of course this answer won't satiate the curiosity of those folks trying to understand why dogs do all the curious things they do. Border collies actually nip or bite for a variety of reasons. Let's take a look at some along with some tips on how to deal with border collie biting.


Why Do Border Collies Herd?

Border collies herd for the simple fact that they were selectively bred to be herding dogs. By taking a closer glimpse into this intriguing dog's past, it is possible to deduce why these dogs engage in certain behaviors. Channeling a border collie's instincts, rather than trying to suppress them, is the optimal way to deal with them.


What Dog Breed is Nicknamed "The Gamekeeper’s Night Dog"?

A dog breed nicknamed the gamekeeper's night dog had to surely boast several qualities as a guardian to be granted such an important title. As the name implies, these dogs likely pulled guard duty at night and therefore were dogs who must have looked quite imposing.


Dog Word of the Day: Spitz Dog

What is a spitz dog? If you stumbled on this term before, you may have been wondering what is a spitz dog, and what are the main characteristics of spitz dogs. Spitz dogs are fascinating animals who share similar characteristics which throughout their history made them particularly suitable for the environment and climate in which they originated.


Study Reveals Why Labrador Retrievers are Always Hungry

A new study reveals why Labrador retrievers are always hungry. If your Lab is always begging for food, and when he's not, he's either raiding the trash or stealing food from the table, you can't blame him. Chances are, it's something deeply ingrained into his genetic core.

Why do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Ridges

Why do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have Ridges?

It's this breed's most known feature: a line of hair running on their backs in the opposite direction from the rest of the coat. Is it a scar? Is it an oddity? Discover what causes that ridge and how it impacts the dog.


Why Do Greyhounds Wear Muzzles When They Race?

Many greyhounds wear muzzles when they race. If you ever attended a greyhound race or saw a picture of these sprinting dogs racing, you may have wondered why they're wearing muzzles in the first place. Let's discover why.

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Why Do Dogs Have Webbed Feet?

Dogs have webbed feet for a similar reason as to why we have some slight webbing between one finger and another. However, in the dog world, there is webbing and webbing. Some dogs apparently have much more webbing than other, and interestingly these dogs have a history of being selectively bred for working in the water.