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Why is My Newborn Puppy Crying so Much?

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Why is My Newborn Puppy Crying so Much?

Is your newborn puppy crying itself to sleep? Or are you constantly disturbed by the piercing snobs of your tiny newborn pup? Well, if your answer to either of the above questions is yes, then, you definitely need to dig a little deeper in this matter.

Yes, crying comes naturally to newborn pups just like newborn infants, but this can be a matter of concern if the crying is excessive and is practically unstoppable. There may be a few basic reasons why your puppy is crying so much, a few of which are enlisted below for your quick reference.

Puppy Needs Food

newborn puppy crying

A newborn pup resembles a newborn infant in a number of ways and there are ample of chances that she is crying tirelessly because of not getting proper feed. There may be an issue with the mother’s milk production or the puppy may be too weak to suckle or there may be a malformation making nursing difficult or impossible. If your newborn puppy is crying a lot, it's probable that she isn’t receiving enough food and the pup is feeling hungry all the time. Don’t ignore such symptoms and seek veterinary help if your puppy seems unable to properly nurse.

Puppy Needs Right Temperature

Puppies cannot regulate their body temperature during their first two weeks of life. If your newborn puppy is crying a lot, it may be a sign of the lack of warmth she is feeling. You must have observed that newborn pups have a tendency of cuddling with their mothers and usually stay close to their siblings in order to feel warm at all times, but there may be chances that your pup isn’t getting the right kind of warmth and thus is crying all the time to convey you the message that she's getting cold.

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Puppies need to be stay warm in order to digest their food. If your puppy is not staying close to the others or mother dog is pushing him way, please seek prompt veterinary help. On the other hand, it's also worthy evaluating if the puppy is too hot. As a general rule of thumb, consider that overly warm pups spread out around the whelping box while overly chilled pups will huddle and cry.

Puppy Needs to Eliminate

When puppies are in their mother's care, mother dog licks their bottom to stimulate them to eliminate. If the puppy is orphaned, it's the caregiver's duty to help the pup eliminate otherwise the puppy will develop a large, bloated belly. When the puppy gets bloated, he may be colicky which leads to pain. The caregiver must therefore encourage the newborn pup to suckle since the food will trigger the gastro-colic reflex which helps the stool is moved into the rectum. At this point, the pup must be stimulate to potty by gently passing some warm gauze on his rear to encourage him to have a bowel movement. This warm gauze and gentle movement will mimic mother's dog tongue and should stimulate the puppy to eliminate. Also, on top of needing help to eliminate, some puppies may need to be burped if they get air bubbles.

Puppy Has a Medical Issue

Crying for new born pups can be normal just like human infants, but if your newborn pup is crying for long intervals in a scorching and piercing voice then, you’ve definitely got something to worry about. Puppies should be checked for any birth defects such as cleft palate or a missing opening in the rear end. In some cases, it could be the puppy is experiencing tummy troubles and gas. Newborn puppies have delicate digestive systems. Feeding a newborn puppy cow milk for instance, may lead to diarrhea and digestive upset. Also, persistent, relentless crying can be a symptom of hypothermia or hypoglycemia. Where on one hand, hypoglycemia indicates low blood sugar levels, hypothermia involves low body temperatures. Both these medical issues need instant attention from you and veterinary care as both of these conditions can take a toll on your newborn pup’s life.

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