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Does a Large Litter Mean Puppies of Smaller Sizes?

Whether a large litter means puppies of smaller sizes is something dog breeders may be wondering about. Discover what recent studies have to say.

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The Three Different Types of Dog Heads (Skulls)

There are three different types of dog heads (skulls). Discover more about them and how they impact your dog.

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Why You Should Consider Adopting a Former Breeding Dog

If you are considering adopting a former breeding dog, there are several things to keep into consideration so to know what to expect.

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Ask the Vet: Is My Dog Done Giving Birth?

Whether your dog is done giving birth or not can be challenging to tell considering that it's not unusual for pregnant dogs to take their sweet time in delivering their babies. This is not really a time though for guessing, considering that not all deliveries go as planned.

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Can Dogs Think Their Toy Is Their Baby?

Yes, dogs can think their toy is their baby, but this is likely to happen only in a few selected dogs at a certain time. In other words, expect this type of behavior to happen in an intact female dog after her heat cycle.

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What Are Open Fontanelles in Dogs?

An open fontanelle in dogs consists of a "hole" in the dog's head. When puppies are still in the womb, the bones in their heads are not fused together as they should be, so when they're born, they have this "hole" on the top of their head.

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Help, My 10-Year Old Dog is Pregnant!

If your 10-year-old dog is pregnant you are likely very concerned. Unlike humans, dogs don't go into menopause and therefore they are capable of getting pregnant despite being old.


At What Age are Female Dogs Sexually Mature?

Knowing at what age female dogs are sexually mature is something new puppy owners should be aware of, so to know what to expect as the puppy matures. While many puppy owners may never witness the most evident changes of sexual maturity due to early spay programs, nowadays, more and more puppy owners opt to wait to spay their pups.


What Do I Do If My Dog is Unexpectedly Pregnant?

If your dog is unexpectedly pregnant, you may be caught off-guard and may be wondering what you can do about it. Perhaps a variety of thoughts are racing through your mind such as whether dog pregnancies can be terminated or what to do with all the puppies and whether they will all find good homes. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares several options for owners of dogs who are unexpectedly pregnant.


Ask the Vet: Behaviors of Intact Female Dogs

The behaviors of intact female dogs are for the most part hormone-induced. In other words, when an intact female dog is spayed, a portion of these behaviors should decrease due to the reduction of hormones. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares a variety of behaviors of intact female dogs.


Health Problems in Dogs With Merle Coats

The health problems in dogs with merle coats is something perspective dog owners should be aware about before considering adopting a dog with this coat pattern. Breeders should be aware of these problems too considering the many risks of breeding dogs with these coats.


Ask the Vet: Why is the Male Dog Refusing to Mount?

A male dog refusing to mount a female dog may be very upsetting for prospective breeders hoping for a litter of puppies. Can male dogs refuse to mount a female dog because he's stressed? Could the female not be in heat? These are many questions worthy of pondering. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana discusses some potential causes and what can be done to help.


How to Breed German Shepherd Dogs

If you're wondering how to breed German shepherd dogs, kudos to you for seeking information. Breeding German shepherd dogs requires knowledge, professionalism and ethics. It therefore encompasses more than just letting a stud dog meet a female dog in heat and then waiting for the birth of puppies 63 days later.

Help Mother Dog Produce More Milk

How to Tell If Mother Dog Still Has Puppies Inside

To tell if mother dog still has puppies inside, it helps to firstly understand the whelping process. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares important information.

How often should dogs tie?

Can a Male Dog Impregnate a Dog After Being Neutered?

Whether a male dog can impregnate a female dog after being neutered is an important question considering that the main purpose of neutering is preventing unwanted litters! In this article, veterinarian Dr. Ivana explains whether a male dog can impregnate a female dog after being neutered.

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Impact of Mother Dog's Nursing Postures on Puppy Temperament

A recent study has revealed the impact a mother dog's nursing postures has on puppy temperament. Discover more about this intriguing research.

Early Eye Development in Puppies

Early Eye Development in Puppies

Early eye development in puppies is something breeders should be aware of, so they can recognize signs of trouble and take swift intervention as needed. Recognizing early signs of problems is fundamental considering that not always things may go as smooth as thought. All puppies are born with their eyes sealed shut for extra protection considering that puppies are born quite helpless and undeveloped.

Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Veterinarian Shares the Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

The signs of pregnancy in dogs is something owners of potentially pregnant dogs may be interested about. If you suspect your female dog is pregnant, the signs of pregnancy may take a while to show up. Veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Muirhead shares the signs of pregnancy in dogs and fastest way to find out if your female dog is pregnant.

Morning After Pill for Dogs

Ask a Vet: Is there a Morning After Pill for Dogs?

Whether there is a morning after pill for dogs is a good question. If you are asking this question, most likely your dog had an "oops moment" with your neighbor's male dog, and now you're looking for an effective way to prevent your dog from becoming potentially pregnant.

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Breeding a Female Dog Back-to-Back: What the Experts Say

Breeding a female dog back-to-back is something that dog breeders may be interested about, but there may be several concerns pertaining whether or not this is a good practice. Such concerns are not unfounded. Let's discover what the experts in the field have to say.

Maltese Puppy Development

Maltese Puppy Development: What You Need to Know

Maltese puppy development, as it may happen with several other toy breeds, follows a developmental pattern that is initially slower compared to other larger dog breeds. Discover important milestones and why Maltese puppies should stay longer with their littermates and mom.

Trouble Giving Birth in Dogs

Trouble Giving Birth, Dystocia in Dogs

Trouble giving birth in dogs, is a condition that is medically known as "dystocia." Certain dog breeds are more prone to dystocia than others, but it can happen to virtually any dog who may be predisposed. Veterinarian Dr. Ivana shares information about dystocia in dogs.

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Understanding Phantom Pregnancy in Female Dogs

Phantom pregnancy in female dogs, also known as false pregnancy or pseudopregnancy, consists of a condition that shows the symptoms of pregnancy but that are not at all pregnant.

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At What Age Can Female Dogs Breed?

If you're wondering at what age female dogs breed, you likely have some big projects in mind. Countless dog owners dream of their dogs having a litter and who doesn't love the pitter patter of small pups walking around? Knowing the age female dogs can breed is paramount so to avoid big heartaches.

Unwanted Pregnancy in Dogs

Dealing with Unwanted Pregnancy in Dogs

Dealing with unwanted pregnancy in dogs is certainly no fun. You care about your dog but you don't have the means to raise a litter of pups and find them all new homes. You may therefore wonder what you can do.