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Dog Whining

Dog Whining

Dog Whining: a whining dog may be quite annoying to listen to. However, stopping the whining really depends on what the whining is all about, because dogs whine for different reasons. Perhaps the most ''whiny'' stage in dogs is puppy hood. Puppies whine when they need to get their mother's attention, their mom will therefore, check what the problem is and try to resolve it.

In a home setting, a whiny puppy must be given attention. It may mean the pup has to go outside or that it is hungry. However, owners should learn when the whining is too much and should therefore learn when a whiny puppy should not be attended to. Refrain from doing so and you may end up with a manipulative little being that will be whining for attention.

Dog Whining

Reasons Why Dogs Whine


As explained in the above scenario, whining for attention is perhaps the most common cause of whining. It typically starts during puppy hood where puppies do not know any other way to manifest their discomfort. So they will whine when hungry, thirsty, cold, when they must go potty and generally when they are bored or not feeling well. The puppy though learns pretty quickly that whining brings results and may over use whining to get you quickly close by. Whining, therefore may be reinforced because it brings results, just as babies tend to cry for attention.

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These dogs whine out of frustration. For instance, they may whine when they see other dogs but are not allowed to meet them or when they see a squirrel and are unable to chase them. They may do so in abscense of the owner.


Some dogs will whine and whimper from pain. This is often seen in dogs recovering from surgeries or dealing with sudden pain.

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Some dogs will whine, bark and howl when their owners leave them alone at home. This is called separation anxiety and tips on how to deal with this may be found in Dog Separation Anxiety page.

How to Stop Dog Whining

  •  If you got a whiny puppy you must learn when and when not to intervene. If you do not intervene enough your pup may not bond with you and may grow up being clingy and insecure. If you give too much attention when whining your dog may learn to manipulate you, become pushy and whine constantly just for your attention. The best thing way to go is the golden way in between, attending in case of need but ignoring unnecessary whining (ie whininig in the crate right after going out to potty).
  •  If your dog whines for unnecessary attention it is best to ignore, no eye contact and no talking. A neutral response is best, some dogs even prefer to be scolded rather than ignored!
  •  If your dog whines because it wants you to pet him/her it is best to ignore and then give attention only once the whininh has stopped. You should be able to pet your dog on your terms and not his.

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  •  Provide plenty of exercise. Walks, games, dog parks may help keep your dog stimulated and less bored. Bored dogs tend to whine more.
  •  If your dog is whining because it has seen a squirrel do not let the dog out to chase it or you will have to put up with him whining for every squirrel it sees. Same with seeing other dogs, do not let your dog whine and pull you towards the other dog it wants to meet.
  •  If your dog or puppy tends to whine when in the crate try to make the crate extra interesting. put Kongs, toys and treats in it.
  •  If your dog whines upon walking, going potty or eating have a vet check him or her for pain.

Whining is almost the equivalent of a baby crying or a child whining. When done for attention simply ignore without looking and without scolding. Any attention good or bad is what your dog may be ultimately looking for.

*Disclaimer: All remedies suggested are not to be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice. If your pet is sick please refer to your veterinarian for a hands on examination. If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist.

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