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Dog Begging for Food

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Dog Begging Food

Dogs are very smart creatures. All it takes is one table scrap dropped to a dog watching you eat with pitiful eyes, for a new habit to begin. The behavior (looking at you, touching you, whining) has been reinforced and approved by you, by dropping a tasty bit of meal.

Now, that the dog has learned what begging for food does, a vicious cycle will take place, and you will literally have to deal with a loyal meal time companion stuck to your side during your lunches and dinners.

So basically, the best way to stop a dog from begging is to simply never give table scraps in the first place.

Dog Begging for Food

However, since you are reading this article I am assuming that you have already begun giving table scraps, so you are probably looking for a solution on how to stop this annoying behavior.

There are a few tips that should allow you to take control of your meal time once again:

Stop giving table scraps

As obvious as this solution is, many owners have trouble being consistent. They may think "OK, I will give you this tiny bit for the last time" and then they find themselves giving them more often than they wished. It is a true fact that dogs seem to know our weaknesses, they know that if they sit nicely and make those pleading eyes very likely their owner will feel guilty for not being able to surrender a little bit of food. So as an owner you must be very firm on refraining from giving in.

Be a leader

[adinserter block="4"]In nature, dogs live in a pack. In a pack setting, there will be alpha dogs making the rules and the rest of the pack will be followers. In a dog/owner setting you are the leader. In nature, alpha leaders eat first and the rest of the pack patiently waits their turn. Alpha leaders are never bothered by other dogs trying to ask for bits of food. Doing so would get them in serious trouble, so they will not even try because they know their position in the pack. At home, your dog should never be besides you asking for food. A true leader will eat unbothered and the dog will be laying down a few feet away not even making eye contact.

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Send him away

As hard as it is, try to anticipate your dog's actions. You sit down and Rover is coming near you drooling in anticipation of a nice piece of steak. Tell him"off"or clap your hands or shake a can with coins in it. Anything to make him understand you are no longer willing to have him near you as you eat. In nature, should something similar happen the alpha leader will very likely growl and even snap to send the dog away.

Keep him distant

Sending him away means keeping him at bay at a distance comfortable to you. Some dogs will challenge you, they will move a step or two away and then stare at you or slowly get closer and closer. Be consistent, make sure he understands that you do not want him anywhere near you. Ideally, he should be a few feet away laying down and ignoring you. This may take time, but at the end your dog will understand.

Feed him after

If your dog is staying away and behaving nicely then you may feed your dog AFTER you are done. In nature, alpha leaders eat FIRST and the subordinates eat after. Your dog will learn to respect you as a leader and will also learn that if he waits quietly from a distance, he gets to eat too once you are done.

[adinserter block="7"]Now that your dog got the message, ensure you are consistent and sooner than later, your dog will have learned a valuable lesson. Make sure you also refrain from giving food you eat from places other than a table. Some owners believe it is a big no no to give food while at the table, but then they give it freely when sitting on the couch and their pooch is begging. From now on, none of your food is given anywhere and anytime. Be inconsistent and you will only confuse your dog and cause him to think you are not a reliable leader, so he will feel the need to test you.

Begging should therefore not be tolerated. After all, table scraps are not even good for your dog, so by refraining from dropping pieces of your last fried chicken meal or teriyaki sauce will lead to a healthier and much more obedient dog.

*Disclaimer: All remedies suggested are not to be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice. If your pet is sick please refer to your veterinarian for a hands on examination. If your pet is exhibiting behavior problems please refer to a professional pet behaviorist.

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