Veterinarian Shares How to Stop a Puppy from Peeing When Excited

Many puppies pee when excited and this behavior can get rather annoying after some time. Will you always be stuck carrying a paper towel to clean up messes when you greet your puppy? Discover more about the dynamics behind excitement urination in puppies and what you can do about it.


Why Does My Dog Bark When I Go Upstairs?

If your dog barks when you go upstairs, most likely there's something that your dog has associated with you going to the upper floor that he doesn't like. To better understand the behavior, it helps to put yourself a bit in your dog's mind and view the world from a dog's perspective. Let's discover what may be going on!


Why Do Dogs Guard Food From Cats?

Many dogs guard food from cats and will do whatever it takes to send any inquisitive felines away from their chow, but why do they that? Why can't cats and dogs peacefully coabitate without going through disagreements? Turns out, dogs will be dogs and cats will be cats, however, we can take some steps to decrease the risks for scuffles and try our best to keep everyone safe.


Why Do Dogs Act Scared of Their Water Bowl?

Some dogs act scared of their water bowls, and the behavior often leaves dog owners baffled. What's wrong with the dog's water bowl? And why do dogs act scared as if their water bowl is their biggest enemy? Last time we checked, water bowls didn't bite, so what's up with these dogs? Discover what may be going on.