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Dog Word of the Day: Variable Ratio Reinforcement Schedule

Variable Ratio Reinforcement Schedule

  In dog training a variable ratio reinforcement schedule, also known as intermittent reinforcement schedule, is one form of several reinforcement schedules. Reinforcement schedules are the rules that pertain “how many or which responses will be reinforced” (Burch, Bailey 1999).  A variable ratio reinforcement schedule is the schedule that follows a continuous reinforcement schedule. There … Read more

The Stages of Learning in Dogs

Learning in Dogs

  Understanding the stages of learning in dogs permits a deeper knowledge into what happens in the dog’s brain when it is in an active learning state. When learning a new task or behavior, complex processes in the brain occur in response to practice and muscle memory and this yields to significant changes in the … Read more

Stop Petting a Dog While Eating

Petting a Dog While Eating

  Petting a dog or puppy while eating is advice that has been suggested for some time in order to prevent or reduce food aggression, but this practice can turn out being counterproductive and even downright dangerous. Sure, let’s face it: those giving out this advice may have good intentions, the goal perhaps being getting … Read more

Discovering German Shepherd Coat Colors

German Shepherd Coat Colors

  German shepherd coat colors are surely interesting to discover. The staple coat color of the German shepherd dog breed is the quintessential black and tan coat, but at a closer insight, there are a variety of German shepherd coat colors and variations that are very attractive and quite unique.  Discovering all these German shepherd … Read more

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