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Dog Word of the Day: Setter Dog

Setter Dog

  Dogs have been used for many years as working partners and along with the retrievers, the pointers and the spaniels, the setter dog deserves his spot of honor for being cherished as a gun dog. What is a setter dog? There are several different types of setter dogs and each one of them has … Read more

What is a Topknot for Dogs?

  In the world of dogs, there is a wide array of colorful terms and the word “topknot” is surely one of them. You might have never heard about this term, or perhaps you heard it and are unsure of what it means. Or even better, perhaps you never heard the word ” dog topknot’” … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Amygdala

  Among the various structures of the brain, your dog’s amygdala plays a primary role in the way your dog interacts with the world. Your dog’s brain is ultimately the boss of his body and it cannot be denied that it runs the show, controlling everything your dog does even when he’s deep asleep curled … Read more

Facts About Silent Dog Whistle Training

  You may have heard about dog whistles, special devices often portrayed as magically turning a distracted dog into an obedient dog who runs towards his owner immediately, no questions asked. As much as dog whistles may seem appealing, they are not really these magical training objects as they are often portrayed. No training tool … Read more

What’s Up With Dogs Eating Socks?

  Is your dog eating socks? Let’s face it: dogs eat the oddest things and it’s therefore no longer surprising hearing about dogs eating socks. Veterinarians are much familiar with phone calls from distressed dog owners claiming with a sense of urgency: “My dog ate a sock, what should I do? ” The problem with dogs … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Meninges

  Your dog’s meninges are structures your dog may hopefully never have a problem with, but as with other dog body parts, there are always some fascinating things to discover. For instance, did you know that your dog’s brain, on top of being protected by the skull, is also protected by several layers of tissue? … Read more

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