Dog Discoveries

Interesting Facts About Dog Grooming

  Dogs are often brushed, combed and  taken to grooming salons, but dog lovers may often miss out learning some interesting facts about dog grooming. A dog’s fur is made of keratin, the same protein that’s also present in hair, feathers, hoofs, claws and horns. Since dogs come in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Microchip

  Technology today has advanced quite a lot and it’s not surprising if the use of identifying integrated circuits through the use of a microchip has involved dogs. Microchips, implanted for the purpose of reducing the number of lost dogs, has become a quite popular practice nowadays, but it’s important to know several facts about microchipping … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Salivary Glands

  You might have never given your dog’s salivary glands much thought, but these structures have likely proven to you many times that they’re working, and quite efficiently too! Whether your dog drools because he’s hungry or because he’s getting a bit queasy during a car ride, that’s proof that his salivary glands are doing their … Read more

A Guide to Taking Toys Away From Dogs

  Everybody loves to surround their dogs with lots of dog toys, but what if you must take a toy away from your dog? It’s important to follow certain guidelines when taking toys away from dogs so to prevent the onset of potential resource guarding problems. If you own a puppy, it’s best to practice … Read more

Dog Snake Avoidance Without Shock

  If you live in an area that has dangerous snakes such as rattlesnakes, you may be looking for solutions to prevent your dog from encountering snakes or perhaps you are thinking about enrolling your dog in some sort of snake aversion training. Today, there are several solutions to prevent your dog from interacting with … Read more

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