Dog Discoveries

I am Your Dog’s Sinuses

  Yes, for those who were wondering, dogs have sinuses too and this means they are also prone to developing their own sets of sinus problems. Sinus problems in dogs are perhaps not as common as in humans, but they sure seem to cause the same annoying problems as in humans. Just make sure to … Read more

Different Dog-to-Dog Tolerance Levels

  Just like people, dogs have their own personalities and they may react differently when it comes to interactions with other dogs. On one hand you have social butterflies, dogs who love mingling with other dogs, then, on the opposite side of the spectrum, you have dogs who don’t want to have anything to do with … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Flirt Pole

  Among the many toys and gadgets purposely crafted for a dog’s entertainment, the flirt pole deserves a spot of honor as it can provide loads of fun and allows a great outlet for dogs who like to chase things. Not many stores are equipped with flirt poles, but they are becoming more and more … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Spleen

  The spleen is one of those organs in dogs that lives in the shadow. Many people are not even aware that their dogs have a spleen, and unfortunately some get a scary, wake-up call of its presence when complications with this organ arise. Because a dog’s spleen is on the mushy side, it cannot be … Read more

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