Dog Discoveries

Dog Word of the Day: Brachycephalic

  You may occasionally stumble on the term “brachycephalic” when hearing discussions about dogs. Learning more about this term is important because brachycephalic dogs are prone to certain medical conditions so if you ever own a brachycephalic dog or have one in your care, special attention is needed. By tinkering with genetics, the practice of … Read more

I Am Your Dog’s Hippocampus

  Among the many structures of the dog’s brain, the hippocampus plays several important roles. If your dog sits when you ask him to or he comes running to you when he hears you calling him, you must thank this tiny organ which stores tons of long-term memories. This structure also helps your dog navigate so he … Read more

Ten Reasons Why Dogs Sneeze

  Sneezing is a forceful expulsion of air from the dog’s lungs through the nose and mouth. There are several reasons that cause sneezing in dogs, but they might not always be quite obvious. An occasional sneeze or two in an otherwise healthy and happy dog may not be something to worry about, but repeated … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Back Chaining

Dog Back Chaining

  Let’s face it: dogs are quite talented when it comes to chaining one event with another. You place your hand on the handle that opens the wardrobe and your dog’s antennas are up, and next you know, he comes running to you as he already has guessed what your next move is. Yes, your dog has learned … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Tongue

  Almost everybody is familiar with a dog’s tongue, whether it’s hanging out of the mouth of a dog on a hot summer day or being used to vigorously lick the owner in a greeting, this organ is sure to play a conspicuous role in a dog’s life and the life of the people living … Read more

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