Dog Discoveries

Dog Word of the Day: Wash-Out Period

  For several good reasons, veterinarians won’t recommend giving aspirin to dogs when dog owners call their clinics reporting their dogs are in pain. First of all, most vets aren’t comfortable recommending treatments without knowing exactly what it going on, and if the patient wasn’t seen for a while, it can be even illegal as there’s … Read more

What Were Borzoi Bred For?

  Just by looking at the borzoi dog breed, you can deduce that this dog must have been selectively bred for his speed. The borzoi’s aerodynamic looks give the impression of a dog blessed with ground-covering stride and effortless power. Even the name of this breed denotes briskness; “borzoi” is the Russian word for “swift.” Despite being built … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Neurons

  Many people are intimidated by neuroscience because they believe it is something really complicated, but it all sums up to making it easy to understand. Today, we will be taking a close look to a dog’s neurons, how they work and the many tasks they accomplish. Turns out dogs and people share similar nervous … Read more

What Happens When Dogs Hit Adolescence?

  Many dog owners may wonder whatever happened to their adorable puppy who used to listen, follow them room to room and looked forward to a fun training session. Suddenly, they are faced with a multitude of behavior problems that were never encountered before. Did Rover just transform himself into the canine personification of “Dennis … Read more

Read This if Your Dog Eats Bugs

  We already know that dogs tend to eat the most odd things they encounter so it’s not surprising if they’re also interested in catching and eating bugs. With summer in full swing, the yard may be populated by a variety of bugs, it’s therefore not unusual for dogs to be attracted by their movements … Read more

Five Fascinating Facts About Dog Whiskers

  Want some fascinating facts about dog whiskers? Well, let’s start with an obvious one: dog owners don’t really pay much attention to them, and sometimes they even cut them off as if they really don’t serve any purpose, but those facial hairs are actually important for several different reasons! You might think that dog whiskers … Read more

Dog Breeds With Dreadlocks

  Among the vast variety of dogs coming in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, dog breeds with dreadlocks surely stand out from the crowd. You might not stumble too often on these fellows unless you visit their country of origin or admire them competing in the show ring, but they surely boast unusual … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Impulse Control in Dogs

  Impulse control in dogs is likely something most dog owners would like to see more in their dogs, because let’s face it: left to their own devices, dogs and animals in general don’t really have much tendency (or interest) in controlling their urges. Carpe diem, “seize the day” seems to be a good motto for … Read more

What Dog Breed Walks Over Sheep?

  There are dogs who gather sheep, dogs who stare at sheep, dogs who count sheep (the lazy ones, at least) and dogs who walk over them when the need occurs. Wait, a minute, did you just say “walk over sheep?” Yes, that’s correct. There is a dog breed in particular that’s known for walking … Read more

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