Dog Discoveries

Do Dogs Laugh Like Humans Do?

  Dogs bring us so much joy and happiness in our lives that it wouldn’t be surprising if dogs were gifted with the ability to laugh, just as we humans do. Last time we checked though, we never saw our dogs chuckling, giggling, or burst out laughing even when they were tickled or were told an … Read more

How Dogs Develop Fear Memories

  Your dog might not remember exactly what kind of treat you fed him yesterday or what color of shirt you were wearing, but if you were to ask him precisely where he was when he heard a loud noise and startled, he would likely be able to identify the exact location. When it comes … Read more

Why Does My Dog Like to Run Away?

  Let’s face it: a dog who likes to run away can make you feel as if you or your home aren’t attractive enough and you may somewhat feel betrayed by your dog’s running away behavior. You might also feel a bit offended especially when you think of dogs being depicted as loyal companions who … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Melena

  In simple words, melena is the medical term for blood in a dog’s stool. Dog owners who are observant of their dog’s daily outputs are at an advantage as they can readily identify signs of trouble such as melena. Presence of melena can be a sign of some type of bleeding taking place in the … Read more

What Dog Breed Blushes When Happy?

  Among the intriguing world of dogs there are many myths and old wives’ tales going on, so it may be difficult to believe that there is a dog breed that blushes when happy or excited. Blushing in dogs may seem like something close to impossible considering that their faces are covered in fur. On … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Vagus Nerve

  The vagus nerve is a part of the dog not many people are likely to hear about, but it’s a very important bundle of nerves that carries many different functions. It’s one of the twelve nerves that emerge directly from the brain, and as such, it’s responsible for relaying information between the dog’s brain and … Read more

Dog Ear Shapes and Types (With Pictures)

  There are different dog ear shapes and types when it comes to the world of dogs. After all, this is not surprising. There’s no shadow of doubt that by tinkering with genetics, humans have made the dog the most varied species on earth, a practice leading to different body sizes, coat colors and even … Read more

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