Dog Discoveries

I am Your Dog’s Hypothalamus

  Among the many structures that are part of a dog’s brain, the hypothalamus deserves a place of honor. This is a tiny structure carrying out many important roles. Responsible for many nervous system and metabolic processes, life without a well-functioning hypothalamus would equate to a total disaster, surely leading to the wipe-out of an entire … Read more

Four Ways Dogs Cool Down in the Heat

  With the dog days of summer around the corner, discovering how dogs cool down in the heat is important so to raise awareness about the risks of heatstroke in dogs. Hyperthermia (high temperature) takes place when the dog’s internal temperature reaches abnormally high levels which can quickly kill a dog if measures to cool … Read more

Curbing A Dog’s Oral Fixation

  Just like humans, dogs can develop an oral fixation which means that they are stuck with an obsession of engaging in behaviors involving oral stimulation that persists past puppy hood. However, unlike humans, dogs won’t be stuck smoking, biting their nails or drinking alcoholic drinks. When dogs develop an oral fixation, it often entails … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Nystagmus

  Today’s dog word of the day is “nystagmus” a neurological term that dog owners may stumble upon when their vet refers to their dog’s abnormal eye movement. This is a condition that can occur in humans as well and can be quite alarming to witness as it is often accompanied by other concerning symptoms. … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Meniscus

  You may have never heard about your dog’s meniscus, or you may have heard it the very first time when your vet took an x-ray and noticed some damage to this structure. Truth is, the dog’s meniscus is a body part that lives for the most part in the shadow, but that can awaken … Read more

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