Dog Discoveries

How Does Rain Affect Dogs?

  “It’s raining cats and dogs”goes the old saying, but when it comes to rain and getting wet, dogs seem to react in different ways. Whether it’s a steady rainfall or a downpour as seen in summer storms, some dog owners seem to notice some changes in their dogs’ behaviors when it’s pouring. Is it … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Intrinsic Reinforcer

  The term “reinforcement” in behavior terms is used to depict the instance where the likelihood of a behavior increases. A reinforcer is therefore anything which, added after a behavior, makes the behavior put roots and stay alive, preventing it from extinction. In dog training, we want to see desired behaviors put roots and establish … Read more

Your Dog Will Never Get This Medical Condition

  In a certain way, dogs and humans (other than a few obvious differences) are quite similar when it comes to anatomy. We share several organs and our brains are designed in a similar fashion. It’s therefore not surprising that humans and dogs suffer similar medical conditions when it comes to health. For example, dogs just like us … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Dewclaw

  Whether your dog still has his dewclaws or you never got to see them because they were removed when he was just a few days old, it’s interesting learning more abut these structures. If you have no clue what dewclaws are, you are at the right place. Many dog owners are unaware that dogs … Read more

Understanding Dogs That Stalk Other Dogs

  It’s not an unusual sight: a dog watches another dog walk by, his look is fixated on the dog, then, he lowers his body assuming a stalking posture that mimics the creeping as often seen in predators. Stalking behaviors are sometimes seen more in certain dog breeds than others, but they can be seen in … Read more

Male and Female Dog Physical Differences

  Let’s face it: with certain dogs, it’s quite difficult to tell a female dog and a male dog apart. Unless the dog is wearing a distinctive blue or pink collar that says “boy” or “girl” all over it, in many cases, you may need to take a quick and discreet peak down there just to … Read more

Dog Word of The Day: Generalization

  We often hear conflicting information about the word “generalization” when it applies to dogs. We are often told that “dogs don’t generalize well”, but then, there are instances when generalization takes place quite quickly as many owners of fearful dogs can attest. Today, we’ll therefore be taking a closer look into dog generalization, the … Read more

The Difference Between Fear and Anxiety in Dogs

  Fear and anxiety are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are actually words that have a different meaning when it comes to dogs and people is general. While both can generate similar physiological responses, a closer look reveals that the dynamics are a tad bit different and may occur in different contexts. … Read more

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