Dog Discoveries

Dog Word of the Day: Opposition Reflex

  The opposition reflex in dogs may sound like some sort of political party, but dogs can care less about politics, at least until the day candidates start making promises of free bones or  free treats! Until that day, the opposition reflex remains an interesting phenomenon that can help you become a better dog owner, and … Read more

Dog Nose Touching May Go Beyond Saying Hello

  Many cat owners are familiar with cats touching noses when they meet and greet, but when dogs touch noses the behavior often leaves owners wondering why dogs engage in this type of meeting ritual. Perhaps it’s just because not all dogs meet this way and because we’re more used to seeing dogs greet by … Read more

Surprise: Mother Dog Can Remember Her Pups!

  The Disney cartoon The 101 Dalmatians and its subsequent movie seem to suggest that mother dogs remember their puppies and will do what it takes to be reunited with them, but is this only a Disneyland fantasy, or is there any truth to it? Can mother dogs recognize and remember their puppies even after … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Teacup Puppies

  At some point or another, dog lovers may stumble on the word “teacup puppies.” Most likely, there was some flashy ad on the Sunday newspaper advertising “teacup puppies” for sale, or there may have been a first-person encounter with one. As cute and innocent as the word teacup puppy may seem, there’s really a … Read more

Where is a Dog’s Thickest Skin Located?

  A dog’s skin is thinner and much more sensitive than ours, states the Merck Veterinary Manual. Some of us may find this surprising, but turns out, our skin is three times thicker than our dogs’ and our pH is different too, which is why we shouldn’t use human shampoo for our dogs, explains Karen L. Campbell, … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Uterus

  The dog’s uterus plays very important roles in the intact female dog’s body. This reproductive organ is similar in many ways to the uterus in women, but it’s also different in many other ways. When we think of the dog’s uterus, we often think about its ability to carry puppies, but since many dogs … Read more

The Mystery Behind Trancing in Dogs

  Among the odd and curious behaviors dogs do, trancing will always remain one of the most mysterious out there. Not all dogs seem to trance, but those who do surely leave their owners scratching their heads wondering what is going on with their canine companions. In some cases, dog owners may even be worried about … Read more

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