Dog Discoveries

I am Your Dog’s Philtrum

  At some time or another, you may have noticed how your dog has a small indentation at the the top of his upper lip right under his nose. This vertical groove is also seen in humans, and at a first glance, it may seem to have no particular function; however, in dogs there are … Read more

Dog Breeds that Need Hand Stripping

  Among the variety of dog breeds that populate the world, you may stumble on dogs who blow their coats naturally, dogs who grow hair that needs clipped routinely and dog breeds that need hand stripping. Why do some dogs need hand stripping? Turns out, it’s a matter of how the coats are crafted in certain … Read more

Do Dogs Have a Belly Button?

  Among humans, belly buttons are quite noticeable whether they are “outies” or “innies,” but among dogs things are far more secretive and you might need to go on some sort of treasure hunt to search for them. If you have already tried to look everywhere under all that fur with little success, you may have … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Retractable Leash

  When it comes to the many types of leashes for dogs, there are several to choose from and the retractable leash is one option. As the name implies, the retractable leash may sound like a good idea as it allows dogs more freedom on walks,  but there are several drawbacks when it comes to their … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Inter-Ramal Tuft

  You might have never heard about your dog’s inter-ramal tuft, but rest assured, you have likely noticed this anatomical feature on your dog many, many times. This technical sounding word simply refers to that little batch of whiskers found under your dog’s chin. It may feel tempting at times for some dog owners to grab … Read more

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