Dog Discoveries

Six Dog Breeds Named After a Real Person

  Dogs have surely some fascinating histories behind them, and dog breeds who bear the name of people have quite some intriguing stories to tell us.  There are a handful of dog breeds who were named after people and it’s interesting taking a glimpse back into their past to discover how they got their breed names … Read more

Discovering a Retriever’s Soft Mouth

  Retrievers are gun dogs with a history of being selectively bred to retrieve game for their hunters. One of the main qualities retrievers were required to have in order to be effective hunting partners was what is known as a”soft mouth.” Along with a soft mouth, retriever dogs are known for being equipped with … Read more

Dog Word of the Day: Achondroplasia

  The term achondroplasia is used to depict dogs who have bones that do not grow to normal size, causing them to be of a disproportionate short stature leading to what is known as “achondroplastic dwarfism.” Achondroplasia is considered a genetic condition, meaning that it’s passed down from a generation to another. As much as this disorder may … Read more

The Mystery of Air Bubbles Under a Dog’s Skin

  Among the many skin problems dogs may develop in their lifetime, some may be quite peculiar and the sensation of feeling bubbles under a dog’s skin must be certainly one of them. Dog owners report that when they press on their dog’s skin if feels as if they were touching air bubbles causing crackling, popping noises. Some … Read more

I am Your Dog’s Pancreas

  Many dog owners may not be aware of the existence of their dog’s pancreas until one day their dog gets very ill and the vet claims that the dog’s pancreas is inflamed. As with many other organs, the pancreas lives mostly in the shadow, until something goes wrong and dog owners are given an abrupt wake-up call about this organ’s … Read more

The Secret Behind the Samoyed’s Smile

  The Samoyed dog breed is stunning for many reasons. One of the most stunning features of this breed is of course the white thick coat which protected these elegant dogs from the harsh -60 degree temperatures as sometimes witnessed in the Siberian town of Oymyakon. In the old days, Samoyeds were the working partners of the Samoyedic people … Read more

What’s Your Dog’s Play Style?

  Let’s face it: dog play can be quite entertaining to watch and its associated amusement can even beat the best television shows. Have you ever found yourself putting down the remove and shutting off the T.V. to watch your four-legged companions play? The best part is that every dog seems to have a preferred play … Read more

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